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Children often love anything that is strange, odd or weird. And you as a parent might like a fun day out with your children. But where can you go to? One of the companies that offers day outings that children will love is Ripley’s. But what can you expect when you visit one of their odditoriums? Will your children really have the time of their life? Where will these odditoriums be located? What things to they display? How easy is it to obtain tickets? And what kind of customer service can you expect when you come to them with some kind of question, problem or complaint? The best answers to these questions are given by the people that have visited Ripley’s before. Their experiences and opinion can give you an inside perspective of this company. Read their reviews to find out what Ripley’s is really about and if it might be something suitable for your children.

About Ripley’s

Ripley’s is a museum exhibit collection, believe it or not. The company was founded by Robert L. Ripley who, because of all his travels, became known as “the modern Marco Polo”. He opened seven so called Odditoriums where he would keep the weird, wonderful and shocking collections that he collected during his trips. All of these Odditoriums are located in unusual looking buildings of 10,000-20,000 square feet. The locations are also an ideal location for a birthday party or a school trip. In these Odditoriums, they offer self-guided tours through various exhibits. The exhibits contain everyday object, but also incredible collections and very strange hobbies. Their exhibits have names like Underseas Mysteries, The Tribal Cave, The Tomb of Pharaos, Ripley’s Red Carpet, Ripley’s World of Illusions and The Warehouse. You can see things like two heads, one body, micro sculptures inside a needle, a car covered in a million Swarovski crystals, a komodo dragon skeleton and Tibetan skull bowls. And on their website, you can read weird news, see various videos, read cartoons or books and do some other fun stuff.

A closer look at Ripley's on Times Square.

Services of Ripley’s

To enter Ripley’s, you will first need a ticket. These tickets can be ordered online via their digital ticket service. First you will need to select the Ripley’s location that you would like to visit. After that, you just follow the steps that they indicate. They also provide a customer service that you can contact in case of any problems, complaints or questions.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Ripley’s

Have you ever visited Ripley’s before? No matter what location you have been to, we would like to know all about it. How easy was it to order tickets? Was the location easy to find? How did you and/or your children like the trip to Ripley’s? Did their Odditoriums meet your expectations or were you disappointed? And what is your opinion on Ripley’s customer service? Leave a review and share your story about Ripley’s so other people will have a better idea of what to expect from this company.

How will children like Ripley's Odditoriums? Read all about their exhibits with weird, wonderful stuff whether you believe it or not.

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