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    Do you want to get into finance? TradeStation allows you to access advanced software for analyzing stocks, and to buy stocks online. But can you trust TradeStation? Is TradeStation’s commission fair or excessive? Is TradeStation’s financial analysis software cutting-edge? Learn the answers to these questions by reading reviews!

    About TradeStation

    Figuring out what trading strategies to use can be very challenging, especially when you are not a mathematical and programming mastermind. Omega Research, a company started by two Cuban brothers, set out to provide tools to traders without a lot of technical acumen.

    TradeStation was launched by Omega Research in 1991. While TradeStation was originally a trading software company, it became a securities broker. It brought professional trading analysis software in a user-friendly fashion.

    When TradeStation started allowing users to daytrade online, it helped revolutionize trading in that pit trading became obsolete. No more screaming brokers in the middle of the stock exchange who charged exorbitant commissions.


    This video is the first in a series that explains how to use TradeStation. Does the series prove that TradeStation provides excellent learning tools, or that TradeStation's software is overly complicated.


    TradeStation offers analytics tools that help you visualize the market. You can access these tools on your desktop, on your tablet or on your smartphone (Apple and Android). There are tutorials and instructions available on TradeStation to help you familiarize yourself with the service. There is even a weekly webinar by high-profile traders and analysts to educate you on finance.

    You may have incredibly ambitious but also risky trading strategies. How can you be sure that your strategy works without running the risk of going bankrupt? TradeStation allows you to test your ideas before you start investing real money.

    You can use TradeStation’s RadarScreen to monitor opportunities 24/7. Another useful feature are the Hot Lists that inform you on the winners and losers every day. The Morning Market Briefing gives you the view of experts on the market every business day.


    at TradeStation is straight-forward. Stocks costs $5 per trade, options costs 50¢ per contract and futures costs 25¢ per side, per contract. There are no software fees.

    At TradeStation, you can get an individual, joint, IRA, entity or custodial account. There are also multiple paying methods. You can use a wire transfer, meaning that you electronically transfer money from your bank account to your TradeStation account. Wire transfers are free. It is also possible to send a check, which is also free. Lastly, you can make an electronic transfer from a financial institution to your TradeStation account. This is also a free means of payment.

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    To get in touch with a specialist of TradeStaton, you can call (800) 808-9336. If you want to make a new retail account you can call 800-770-4049 or 9546527677 from 8 am to 8pm EST from Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 6pm EST on Fridays. For an institutional account, you can call 800-579-7616 or 954-652-7940 from 8.30 am to 6pm EST on business days. You can call client support at 800-822-0512 or 954-652-7900. The hours of customer service depends on what service you are calling for (trade desk, client services, technical support, data integrity).

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