The Most Popular Horse Racing and Horse-Themed Games

The Most Popular Horse Racing and Horse-Themed Games

Horse racing has always been a source of excitement and thrills - not only in real-life sporting events but also in the virtual world through the plethora of horse racing and horsey-themed games. Let’s face it: we love to watch it, we love horse racing betting - and we love horsing around on the excellent selection of games out there.

These games let horse racing lovers experience the thrills and spills of the track - and immerse themselves in the beautiful world of horses. Here, we look at some of the most popular horse racing and horse-themed games that have captured the imaginations of players from all over the world.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Taking the top spot, we have Virtual Horse Racing 3D, perfect for those who want to experience horse racing first-hand. This thrilling game offers players an immersive and somewhat realistic experience in the virtual world of horse racing.

The game combines realistic graphics with user-friendly controls so you can train and race your own virtual horses. You also have the option to customise jockeys, horses, and racecourses, providing you with a dynamic and fun horse racing simulation game.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Next, we have Rival Stars Horse Racing, which takes a more comprehensive approach - combining horse racing with stable management. You can build and manage your own racing stable, breed horses, and take to the starting line in seriously challenging races.

The game's impressive visuals and in-depth gameplay make it a great choice if you’re after a more holistic horse racing experience.

My Horse

If you’re someone who prefers a more casual and hands-on approach to horse care, then we recommend My Horse. This is a mobile game that lets you adopt and care for your own virtual horse and take part in various activities - such as grooming, feeding them, and even competing in show jumping events. This game emphasises the bond between you and your horse - and it’s this that sets My Horse apart as a lovely and heartwarming game.

Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales is a fun blend of horse racing and adventures. You can explore a vast open world on horseback, complete different quests, take part in races, and discover all sorts of hidden secrets. This is a game of exploration and storytelling - which adds an extra layer of enjoyment if you’re after a more immersive horse-themed gaming experience.

Pocket Stables

Then we have Pocket Stables, which is about the strategy and management side of horse racing. In this simulation game, you get to take on the role of a stable owner, managing every aspect of your racing business, from training horses to upgrading the facilities. The pixel art style adds a charming retro look to the game, making it both fun and visually great to play.

Horse Haven World Adventures

Horse Haven World Adventures has a quirky, unique twist - combining horse racing with a farm simulation. You can breed and collect various horse breeds, build your dream stable, and compete in races where you can earn rewards. The game emphasises creating a gorgeous horse haven - which sets it apart from standard horse racing games.

Derby Quest: Horse Racing Game

Derby Quest focuses on the breeding and racing aspects of horse management. As a player, you can breed champion horses, train them, and compete in races - as you vie to become the ultimate racing tycoon. The game is strategic - as you aim to create the perfect bloodline, which adds a real depth to your overall gaming experience.

Star Stable

Star Stable is a highly engaging online horse game that captures the essence of equestrian life. Players can explore the mystical island of Jorvik on horseback, engaging in adventures, races, and caring for their horses.

The game boasts a vibrant community, allowing players to join riding clubs, compete in events, or share stories with friends. Its stunning graphics and 3D visuals enhance the immersive experience, while the interactive elements, such as customizing characters and horses, add depth to gameplay. "Star Stable" is particularly appreciated for its active player base and engaging challenges, making it an enjoyable experience for horse enthusiasts and gamers alike​.

Horse Racing Manager 2018

Finally, we have Horse Racing Manager, which is for those who like the managerial side of horse racing. Horse Racing Manager 2018 offers a very in-depth simulation of the horse racing industry. You can manage your own stable, make strategic decisions, and, hopefully, lead your horses to victory. With realistic features, such as weather conditions and jockey tactics, this game’s authenticity makes it one of the best.

So, there you have it. These horse-themed games provide a superb range of experiences for all different types of players. Whether you’re after the excitement of virtual horse races or want to raise and care for your equine companion, you can get the horse experience you’re after.

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