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    Of course, we want to keep you updated on all companies and the services, quality and prices they offer. To make what you are looking for easily accessible, we have divided them into categories. Some companies, though, are so unique that they cannot simply be put in one category. For these companies serves this general category. Here, in this category, we display these businesses and experiences with these businesses. We display, for instance, companies that give away free stuff, or companies that provide bargains, discounts, special offers and/or sale items. Should you really want to buy there? For the answer to that question we like to refer to the opinions and experiences that are posted by you and your fellow customers. This category is also the place where you find charity organisations, for they too deserve to be reviewed and rated. Do they make good use of your money? Are the causes that are supposed to benefit actually helped? Read all opinions here, at US-Reviews!

    MyHixel brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Sexual intercourse is one of the most pleasurable of all experiences, if not the most pleasurable. The feeling that comes with it is an intense one...

    One Day University brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    One Day University

    0 reviews

    The things to learn are always inexhaustible, though sometimes our will to learn may dwindle from one particular aspect to another and be highly ex...

    The TJX Companies brand logo for reviews of Discounts & Winnings

    The TJX Companies

    2 reviews

    Are planning of giving your home a new and fantastic look? Do you love quality sets of eye catching home and decorative accessories, do you think y...

    EZ Prints brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas

    EZ Prints

    1 reviews

    Do you want high quality printing service? You can check out ezprints.com. EZ prints is a large scale printing facility based personalization exper...

    Experience Days brand logo for reviews of Day & Night Out Tickets

    Experience Days

    1 reviews

    Experiences are forever therefore look into some happy times. Welcome to Experiencedays Inspirational present ideas are what Experiencedays do well...

    Cuisine Royale brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Cuisine Royale

    2 reviews

    There are many ways people spend relaxing, and one of these ways is playing video games. Whether played on PC, Playstation, or Xbox, games are guar...

    Simply To Impress brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Simply To Impress

    1 reviews

    Every once in awhile, we like to celebrate critical aspects of our lives. Birthdays, weddings, childbirths, promotions, retirement, name it, the li...

    Quick Fix brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Quick Fix

    1 reviews

    What could I possibly need synthetic urine for, you might wonder? Well, there are a couple of uses for synthetic urine that makes them a commodity ...

    Build Better Bricks brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Build Better Bricks

    1 reviews

    Legos are one of the best toys you can offer to children. While they are very colorful and great for creative kids, you can surely agree that it is...

    Linkword Languages brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Linkword Languages

    1 reviews

    Learning a new language comes with countless benefits. It not only makes you smarter, but it also gives you a competitive advantage in career choic...

    Kasamba brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Are you searching for a romantic relationship that will indulge all of your senses and improve your outlook in the dating world? Are you in need of...

    All Things Psychic brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    All Things Psychic

    1 reviews

    What if we all were able to teleport, fly, or read people’s minds? Well, everyone had wished to have a psychic ability during our c...

    N8 Essentials brand logo for reviews of Personal care

    N8 Essentials

    1 reviews

    Reviews N8 Essentials Essential oils are popular nowadays as alternative therapies to inhale or to rub into the skin. N8 Essen...

    English4Today brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    How good is your English? You can check your level online by taking free or paid English language level tests. If you'd like to repeat some rules o...

    Pianoforall brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

     Are you a music lover? Do you intend leaning how to play at least one musical instrument? Are you a working-class individual, but are in ques...

    US Chess brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    US Chess

    3 reviews

    Chess is a game of strategy as you have to anticipate and intuitively think three or four-step ahead. Are you in search of a platform that would he...

    Talkspace brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Mental health issue is real though we take it for granted and tend to downplay the reality of people living with mental health issues. Having a men...

    Mindvalley brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    So you want to learn more, but don’t want to go to school? In that case, homeschooling might be an option. But which educational institute sh...

    Fiverr brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    The world is such that there are always people on opposite sides of a situation at every point in time. Just as a person is boarding a flight from ...

    Foxy Bingo brand logo for reviews of Other Good Services

    Foxy Bingo

    1 reviews

    Foxy Bingo Bingo is a chance game in which players mark off numbers on cards as a caller randomly draws the cards, the first person who successful...

    Asia Jam brand logo for reviews

    Asia Jam

    1 reviews

    A major factor that has influenced virtually every area of our lives including dressing is our culture. Continents, countries, states, cities and e...

    Filedanstachambre.com brand logo for reviews of Discounts & Winnings


    1 reviews

    Beautifying a child’s room can sometimes be stressful and trying to hold on to a budget can be quite hard and a daunting task. You may also b...

    VaporDNA brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    Are e-cigarettes a proper alternative to conventional cigarettes? Whether the use of e-cigarettes should be promoted or mitigated is a hot politica...

    Supercuts brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    If I may ask; who does not want an up-to-the-minute hairstyle to flaunt? The distinguished hair care and barbershop company - Supercuts offer preci...

    Little Passports brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Little Passports

    1 reviews

    Online learning is gaining education on the internet. Online learning is also known as e-learning. This offers individuals the opportunit...

    HTC Vive and HTC Phone brand logo for reviews

    HTC Vive and HTC Phone

    1 reviews

    HTC is one of the leading makers of phones established in 1997. They bring intelligence to life through leading innovation in smart mobile devices ...

    1-800-FLORALS brand logo for reviews of Florists


    1 reviews

    Flowers are a beautiful way to bring some life into your home. But not all flower suppliers give the same care to their flowers, bouquets and the p...

    Gaia brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    If you intend to get the best out of anything, then it is very important that you have as much knowledge about it as possible. This is why when we ...

    GamersGate.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Let’s be realistic. Virtual gaming has become the preferred pastime of teenagers and even young adults. Surprisingly, young kids and teens no...

    Gifts N Ideas brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Gifts N Ideas

    1 reviews

    Finding the right gift is often easier said than done. So where can you go to for the best gifts? One of the companies that specializes in gift pro...

    Pet Creations brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas

    Pet Creations

    1 reviews

    Art is a creative and emotional expression of mental imagery with an aesthetic focus. It's more of a human activity that involves creative imaginat...

    PsPrint brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    Printing is a very normal way to put something on paper. But sometimes you want something printed in great quantities and with a professional quali...

    Dynadot.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Now that you are considering creating an online presence for your business, to begin your journey, it is important you seek the services of a compe...

    Whimsifull brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    In the developmental stages of a child, vision is the most vital part. What a child sees while growing up matters a lot as it plays a huge part in ...

    Studenglass brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    Most times people are faced with multiple problems that are overwhelmingly much to bear, which as humans, they do not have total control over. Famo...

    School of Positive Transformation brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    School of Positive Transformation

    1 reviews

    Positive transformation is important to make us a better version of ourselves and our planet a better place. A better planet is devoid of hate...

    Eskills Academy brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Eskills Academy

    2 reviews

    If there is one thing that can't be denied, the web has made the world a smaller place. Individuals can cooperate towards shared objectives from ov...

    HealthVape brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    Health is wealth! But the process of learning or enriching the "wealthiness" to have good and sound health requires the best and complete applicati...

    Crystal Clear Memories brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas

    Crystal Clear Memories

    1 reviews

    As you navigate through the journey of life certain moments usually stand out as the highlights and remembering them afterward always elicits a ple...

    Click A Tree brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Click A Tree

    1 reviews

    Deforestation is a global challenge that is facing the planet on an increasing basis as tree-cutting and uncontrolled bush fires are destroying the...

    Teal Swan brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Teal Swan

    1 reviews

    Spiritual meditation is an encounter that takes you to the depths of your true identity. It enables individuals to understand the endless truth and...

    E-File.com brand logo for reviews of Software Solutions


    7 reviews

    Filing your IRS and state taxes can be an exhaustive process. It is time-consuming and it can be very stressful to get your tax returns filed on ti...

    Rapala brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    2 reviews

    As an Anglers or one that fish with rod and line, it is pertinent to use the right tools, and of course, the tools should be of standard quality to...

    ForeverMissed brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    2 reviews

    Sometimes we live with the memories of the ones we lost as well as the feelings that won’t go away each time we remember. We do not have to f...

    Transformify brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    2 reviews

    At a certain point, almost everyone needs a financial lift.  Being a job seeker means that need is more pronounced. As there are obviously mor...

    STDcheck.com brand logo for reviews of Other Good Services


    2 reviews

    Sexually transmitted diseases constitute an issue that no one should take lightly. Being diagnosed with an STD can be a devastating experience. Thi...

    Mead brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    3 reviews

    The knowledge they say is power. This power is taught from an early age in various classrooms and serves everyone individually or collectively late...

    ArkivMusic brand logo for reviews


    2 reviews

    Music is food for the soul, but classical music is the fuel that drives the soul. Getting classical music can be challenging at times with many sto...

    Trusted Housesitters brand logo for reviews of House & Garden

    Trusted Housesitters

    1 reviews

    There is no question about it: house-sitting is just a job that needs to be taken really. In exchange for a free spot to stay, you’re being a...

    MyHeritage brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Every individual is obligated to know the origin of his/her family members. Are you interested in knowing the family tree that you originate from a...

    Willow Tree brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Willow Tree

    3 reviews

    Giving out gifts and presents poses a problem for us all. What do I give? What would be appreciated? These are questions we ask ourselves each time...

    Visit Sealife brand logo for reviews of City trips

    Visit Sealife

    4 reviews

    It is often surprising for everybody when they get to know for the first time that the earth’s surface is made up of 71 percent water and 28 ...

    ReStockIt brand logo for reviews of Merchandise


    1 reviews

    In today’s world, people work in different industries to earn a living. To ensure the proper and smooth running of any business, supervisors ...

    QuickStart brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    2 reviews

    Knowledge in IT is a must-have for everyone whether or not you work in IT? Gaining critical IT skills is to have to be competitive in today's world...

    Photography brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    Several art enthusiasts love to have at least one piece of artwork in their homes or work area. These art pieces are either hung on the wall or lef...

    Reading Eggs brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Reading Eggs

    1 reviews

    Research has shown kids from home with a reading culture outperform their peers in school. Reading is an important life skill for children. Kids st...

    Willing brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Life is full of uncertainties as many things happen with little or no initial warning. In some other cases, where there are warnings, the warnings ...

    Kids Discover brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Kids Discover

    1 reviews

    The future of our planet is largely dependent on the disciplines and morals that are instilled into children right from childhood. And this is why ...

    BodyRockTv brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    BodyRock is your 24-hour wellness mentor and exercise mate, offering high-force interim preparing activities to enable you to achieve your objectiv...

    Test Country brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Test Country

    1 reviews

    Test Country is one of the leading stores that specialize in providing diagnostic test kits. They were founded in 2001, and their headquarter is ba...

    Mackeeper brand logo for reviews of Discounts & Winnings


    1 reviews

    For individuals who have Macs, you can find quality solutions concerning your Mac via MacKeeper products. These products help you a great deal in y...

    Smilebox brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    Can you still remember those charming and lively birthday emails? You open up your email and it initiates you to click a link, which then takes you...

    Tandblekning.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Tandblekning.com is one of the leading companies that specialize in providing high-quality teeth whitening devices. Dentalworks started this compan...

    IClipArt brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Pictures have become a very important feature in the world today. When we look at things, we are able to see them in picture forms. Fortunately, we...

    Softwarekeep brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    The increasing uses of computers around us in the form of desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets have made software to be very impor...

    TruthAboutAbs.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    It has been appraised by experts that the health, fitness and the general well-being of people across the globe has been declining at an astonishin...

    Slider Domination brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Slider Domination

    1 reviews

    One of the most common and interesting sport in the world today is baseball. A lot of people have a baseball club and a number of baseball players ...

    SendFlowers brand logo for reviews of Gift shops


    1 reviews

    Virtually all events would require you to go with something in hand. Not all events demand money but some need to be attended with something w...

    Qustodio brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    Like virtually everything on earth, the use of the Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. There is also the good side and the bad side of u...

    Kindle Money Mastery brand logo for reviews

    Kindle Money Mastery

    1 reviews

    Kindle Money Mastery is one of the leading platforms that specialize in giving the training to earn more money through their step by step books. St...

    Juicing to Profit brand logo for reviews

    Juicing to Profit

    1 reviews

    Juicing to profit is one of the leading solutions for all your juicing needs. They are teaching their customer to start a successful juicing busine...

    Flight Crew Style brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas

    Flight Crew Style

    1 reviews

    All through time, artworks have been used as a medium for communication, education, entertainment, and inspiration. Aviation art stands as a means ...

    Greenvelope brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    Sending invitation cards to family and loved ones for our special events can be both tasking and costly. The cost implications are not just in term...

    DR-HO'S brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    DR-HO’S was created by DR. Michael ho, a doctor of chiropractic and acupuncture. He has a distinct interest in treating patients with painful...

    IT Governance brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    IT Governance

    1 reviews

    Do you need any IT related service? Then you should go itgovernance.co.uk. It’s a very famous website. They provide a lots of products. You c...

    Darden Restaurants brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Darden Restaurants

    1 reviews

    Darden restaurants operate several dining restaurant brands such as olive garden, longhorn steakhouse, red lobster, seasons52, Bahama Breeze, Eddie...

    JanBask Training brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    JanBask Training

    1 reviews

    In a world that is mostly dependent on technology, Information Technology is a much-respected field of study today. But the truth is that...

    Brightech brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Building the right home with light is not only an art, but also a science. The truth is that there are much more than just the style of lamps to co...

    Bright Cellars brand logo for reviews

    Bright Cellars

    1 reviews

    One of the unsurpassed and least expensive ways to test different wines – a clever approach for highly knowledgeable wine shoppers too, is to...

    Brian Tracy brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Brian Tracy

    1 reviews

    In truth, the current professional arena working standards are changing with the passing of each day. And they are sprouting to keep up with the ch...


    If you visit a company’s website, you always read texts about the outstanding quality of the product that the company provides, the good customer service of a company and the costumer friendly workers that work at a company. It is very easy to put these kind of texts on a website, but how do you know if these claims can indeed be justified? Of course, you can test this by taking the chance to buy a product or service at a certain company. But you can also be smart and make use of the customers that went before you. By reading their experiences, reviews, opinions and complaints, you’ll get a clear and realistic view of the company that goes beyond the marketing claims that a company puts on its website.

    The category general a versatile categorie
    On this website, a lot of companies are reviewed by customers. To make the large amount of reviews on the website accessible and make fining the right review as easy as possible, the companies have been divided into several categories. In the category wealth, for instance, you find companies that offer savings and help you invest, while the category ‘online shops’ contains companies that busy themselves with online sales of variant products

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