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    You can probably mention at least a couple of good causes. Everyone kcan think of at least one or two commercial campaigns that show a dreadful situation that they set out to change. Once you see those images, there is a chance that you might one to help them in their quest. But which one should you donate to? There are so many good causes that it is hard to choose which one to give to, and a lot of them seem alike. Which organisation does what exactly? Which one works the hardest and needs the money the most? Do they keep you up to date on their progress? And do they really spend the money the way they say they will? Do they really build that building and well, or does most of the money end up in the pocket of the director? These are all questions that won’t be answered by visiting the website or calling the organisation. The only way to know that is by reading reviews, experiences and opinions of generous givers that have donated before you. Use them to find the cause that needs your money the hardest and uses it in the best way, or leave your own review.

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