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Don't order from them if you live abroad, they make you pay extra fo.. Read on

Dustin Coleman

I have wearing strideline socks for quite a long time. The quality i.. Read on

Richard Fenney

took the money. no follow up emails or other info sent after 5 busin.. Read on

Ric W

Ordered 3 ladies pairs of shoes. Approx $45.00 (US) each. One pair n.. Read on


Fabric = cheep Workmanship = worst I have ever Over payed = a lo.. Read on

Tina Walker

I really liked the collections and i enjoyed my experience with the .. Read on

Noah Karen

I am on diet and i require food with low carb. However, looking it i.. Read on

Logan Moore

because of my work, i was looking for workwear clothes. Here i lande.. Read on

Daniel Johnson

For my school project, i bought inkjet cartridge a few days back. It.. Read on

Samuel Brown

I switched to vmware last month and till now i am really enjoying th.. Read on

James Reedy

Supposed to be a 14, sent a 4XXX, looked like a tent. Wanted me to p.. Read on

K Bradford

Was told today August 12 that only 1 of my items was going out for s.. Read on

beverley gilmore


Sherrie Massmann

Have ordered multiple times. Orders arrive within 2 weeks. Custome.. Read on


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY ANYTHING! I have spent five (5) mont.. Read on

Joan Stuchul

Horrible service. Ordered size 34 short pants, got size 44 . Retur.. Read on

What is US-Reviews?

US-Reviews is a site that collects reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints on all shops and web shops in the US. You decide which shop you would like to visit for your (online) purchases. Don’t go off on the sales talk of salesmen in a shop. Trust thousands of opinions of customers that went before you. Cause be honest: who would you believe? A salesman, your friend with one good opinion or the opinion of hundreds of customers that bought a computer, laptop, car insurance, holiday or mobile phone subscription at the same company?

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Why US-Reviews?

Experiences, reviews, opinions, ratings and reviews written for (and by!) customer.

Do you want to know what customers think of a company in the US? Look at US-Reviews for opinions of real people who already have experience with these companies. That way, you take out an insurance or energy contract safely.

Why was US-Reviews founded?

We have some bad experiences of our own as a consument. (Fortunately, we also had a couple of good ones!)

When we had a bad experience with a company, we found out that we wanted to tell our friends and family about it, to protect them from a bad experience of their own. But these companies could still do the exact same thing to people outside of our family and friends. There was no platform to tell the whole country that they shouldn’t buy there. But there’s the other side as well. After a power shortage, an energy supplier helped us really well and we have once been given a huge discount when we found out that the warranty on our washing machine had just expired (dumn luck!).

We also wanted to tell the whole country of the wonderful customer service that we had been given. Therefore we founded US-Reviews. This way, the companies that do not order decent products and/or customer service will get a bad name either way. A bad name means they sell less and selling less means the end of the company. In the end, we hope that only the good companies remain. Good companies get good reviews and therefore have a right to exist. US-Reviews has experience with all large and small companies in the USA!

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US-Reviews has experiences with an already large and still growing amount of companies in the United State of America:

Telecom & Internet companies such as:


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And many more!

No one likes getting bad value for their money. Companies that carry out this kind of business should not exist in the UK. Let’s write reliable, honest opinions so that every company gets the rating they deserve.

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Why are opinions so important if I’m looking for a new product or service?

There are lots of companies in the USA that offer the same product or service. It’s a maze of discounts, special offers, promisses and a battle of being the cheapest. Of course, you can find out who is the cheapest via a comparison site or make a direct calculation at an energy supplier, car insurance or price fighter for a city trip or holiday far away. But is the cheapest really the best? Or are there some nasty catches hidden in the fine print that you were (barely) informed about. Did you have to pay extra for your suitcase at the check-in counter or were the charges for installation more than the energy company told you upfront. Often the small print is a little too small to read during your purchase. Are you stuck with a lease contract for a long time? Or do you have to stop your mobile telephone subscription a year in advance to not be stuck with it for another year? That’s what hands-on experts can tell you. Or rather: clients or customers that have recently bought at this car rental company, telephone company or tour operator. The costs can be more than you think. And later, the large bill will come as a complete surprise. That is why experiences, together with comparisons and product information, are so important.

About which companies can I write a review?

You can write a review about every company that you have dealt with as a customer. Did you have a good or bad experience with a certain company that isn’t on the site? Be the first one to write a review and let us know. Then we will add this company to US-Reviews. We mostly focus on companies that provide services, like energy suppliers, telecom providers, companies that loan money, etc. But also companies that offer a product of which the company can offer some kind or services. You can think of services like delivery at home, pick-up service, warranty service, technical service, or repair service. This are mostly web shops for electronics, white laundry, kitchen equipment, housing centre or post order companies. So, do you have experience with a company? Search for the company, leave a review and help each other!

Why would I write a review?

After hanging on the phone with the customer service of an insurance company, you can of course pick up your phone again to throw it out of the window. We ensure you: that will relieve your tension. But since the bill is alreadier than you anticipated anyway, you can also write a good review and rate the company on the service you have been given. Maybe that won’t help your own situation, but it will prevent others from encountering the same thing. You can make sure that other people won’t fall into this companies trap. But ofcourse, that goes the other way as well: Did a company really help you with good customer service? Do you think they deserve a compliment? Do you think this company has a right to exist because they do care about their customers? Then you can tell everyone that this is a dating site or web shop where others can safely go to. If everyone writes down their experiences, you in turn can look at other companies to see if buying there is a safe, trustworthy and sensible choice. That’s how we help each other!

What more does US-Reviews do?

In case of big complaints, sometimes we mediate. Do you have problems with a certain company and there seems no way out? Write a review and maybe we can help you come to a solution. But we also like to shine a light on companies that do the right thing. Do you have a story with a very good ending? Did this company did everything you expected or even more than was necessary? Please write us. We can make a news item and put them in a positive light.

Discounts and special offers

US-Reviews has many contracts with many companies. That is why we often hear about the newest discounts and special orders of companies. Of course want can (and want) to share them with you. So check out the page for discounts and special offers to find 2-for-1 offers, giveaway items and discounts. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to Twitter and you will get posted on these incredible offers right away!