Getting Started: A Guide for Professional Reviewers

To master the art of giving constructive criticism, publishing a negative opinion without being disrespectful, or writing a neutral and informative comment on US-Reviews, we will guide you through everything you need to know to critique like a professional.

At US-Reviews, we aim to build a community that is informed and critical of the companies and services we find online. Our online opinions and experiences hold significant power: first, to either reward or penalize a company based on its practices and policies, and second, to alert US-Reviews users about whether they should consider purchasing from certain websites.

Through this effort, we can make online shopping safer, more reliable, and more independent. But what exactly is US-Reviews?

What is US-Reviews?

US-Reviews is a platform that connects American users with online stores where they have made recent purchases. Each time we shop, we form an opinion about the experience. Did we receive good customer service? Was a returned item in poor condition? And one of the most important aspects: Would we shop there again or recommend it to others?

US-Reviews enables everyone to share their opinions and publish reviews, whether positive or negative, as long as they adhere to our codes of conduct. As an intermediary between users and stores, we sometimes moderate and remove comments that don't meet our guidelines. If you want your review to stay, keep reading!

First Steps

Three main steps will help new users of US-Reviews become professional reviewers of companies from which they have previously purchased:

  1. Create Your Own Profile

Creating a profile on US-Reviews is straightforward and only requires basic information like your name and email. Remember, when you write an opinion, the name you provide will be visible. For privacy, avoid using your full last name. If you prefer to stay anonymous, contact our support team, and they can display your initials instead.

  1. Manage Your Own Profile

Once your profile is set up, you'll gain access to a general panel where you can view and revisit your opinions and ratings. Customization options include changing your profile photo if you aspire to become one of our top reviewers.

Is it important to create a profile? Absolutely. Having a profile provides a face to your words and lends credibility as a former customer who is either satisfied or dissatisfied with the service received. US-Reviews ensures the security and privacy of its members and will not tolerate any intimidation from companies that disapprove of the feedback they receive.

What are the advantages of creating your profile? With your own profile, you can manage, edit, or delete your opinions, especially if you reach an agreement with the company you reviewed. Additionally, if a company responds to your comment, you will receive notifications directly via email.

Can you delete your profile and data? Yes, at US-Reviews, we prioritize data protection and privacy. To initiate the process, contact us.

Get Started Now!

With your account verified and configured, you can freely browse US-Reviews, exploring various companies across different categories such as Clothing Stores, Insurance, Finance Websites, and more. At US-Reviews, we feature thousands of company profiles that you might have encountered in your shopping experiences.

We Recommend…

  • Reflect on the online stores where you recently purchased or received services and have an opinion, positive or negative.

  • Use our search feature in the top left corner and type the brand's name. If it's registered on our site, you can access and read existing comments from other users.

  • You can read, respond to comments, and create your detailed review on whether you would recommend purchasing from a particular web store again.

Remember, your comments can receive positive votes that help them stand out to other users. Use this feature responsibly!

What Can You Find in a Company Profile?

In addition to user opinions, you'll find valuable and relevant information about the company:

  1. Basic company description: This section covers the company's creation, foundation year, and other pertinent details providing context to its history.

  2. Basic contact information: Often, US-Reviews users look for company profiles to contact the responsible parties and leave their opinions.

  3. Total score: When writing a review, you can rate the company on a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) stars based on your experience. You will also answer a pivotal question for potential customers: Would you buy from this store again?

This information is public and accessible to both users and the company itself.

How Should You Write Reviews on US-Reviews?

Writing an opinion on a company is a serious task, requiring professionalism. It's crucial to choose your words carefully, especially if you have negative feedback. We recommend organizing your thoughts to make your review as detailed, descriptive, and realistic as possible.

Every company profile includes a section for writing reviews. This feature is free for all former customers. Note that we randomly verify purchases after a comment is posted. If you can't provide proof of purchase, your comment won't have the “verified” mark.

Write an Excellent Review on US-Reviews

To write an excellent review that helps and guides others, follow these guidelines:

  • Stick to the facts: While you may be upset with a product or service, aim to report honestly. Be aware that the business owner can report a review if they believe it is false. If proven to ignore data or contain lies, it could be removed.

  • Be descriptive: This means providing useful information without veering into irrelevant anecdotes. Your review should help other people decide whether to make a purchase based on your experience.

  • Avoid overly detailed or personal information: Do not include personal data, addresses, or names of company employees. Summarize your experience without compromising anyone’s privacy.

To Write a Review…

  1. Enter your Name and Email

  2. Mention the service or product you purchased

  3. Describe your overall experience with the business. Detail the product or service, including price and durability. Was it worth it? If there were problems, did the business handle them properly? Is their return policy fair? How were you treated? Provide insights that will help others gauge whether the store is reliable.

  4. Rate from 1 to 5 stars based on Product, Service, Pricing, and Delivery. This combines into a total score.

  5. Finally, indicate if you would buy from the website again, reflecting your overall experience and impression of the business.

We always say, writing comments is easy, but doing it with thoughtfulness, care, and professionalism is challenging! Remember that thousands of users will read your review and make decisions based on your comments and ratings, so always be polite, fair, and responsible.