In Preparation for New Year’s Day 2021: Some Important Things to Note

In Preparation for New Year’s Day 2021: Some Important Things to Note

Before the beginning of the year 2020, hopes and expectations were high. We all set out to make the year memorable. We cleaned, brushed, and blew the skies up. We marked important dates and kept the house brimming with new items. New resolutions struck out the old as we all anticipated the start of a new decade.

Soon, our preparation was short-lived by the pandemic. Spending the larger part of the year indoors, forced on lockdowns after lockdowns, no doubt, you must be looking forward to the new year, eager to leave the old year behind.

Unlike most other years, 2021 begins at the tail of a depressing year. But there are still lots of reasons to celebrate. For one, 2020 was the year of charity, global inclusion, and human resilience. Premised on that, 2021 is supposed to be much better. So, why not prepare and celebrate?

However, in the course of preparing and/or celebrating, you don't want to overlook some important things to note ahead of the Big Day. Find out more about the New Year’s Eve and day as well as some important things to note as we wait for the big day in this article.

Is New Year’s Day a Holy Day of Obligation?

We know the new year is traced to the Babylonians, who would kick off their first new moon with the Akitu festival. It then marched to Egypt with the celebration of the flooding of the Nile. When it got to the Romans, it became comprehensive. With the introduction of the Julian Calendar, January 1st was instituted as the first day of a new year. The month "January", like other months, shares an origin with Janus — the Roman god.

While most people celebrate the New Year as a form of holiday and usually from December 31 to January 1, it is obligatory for the Catholics. The year marks a day of rest and duty in their divine observations and adds to one of their six Holy Days of Obligation.

Other than that, you are obliged to celebrate the New Year as freely as you deem fit. Except in instances where the government regulates the limit of celebration. Since the pandemic is still gaining strength, restrictions have been put in place to ensure safety.

New Year’s Day Events

While the New Year does not come with specific events, some religious events and traditions play out. You hear the welcome of Toshigami ringing 108 times for the Buddhist 108 elements or the twelve chimes of the bell of the Cathedral of Caracas. Otherwise, most people just:

· Watch or partake in fireworks

· Send wishes and greetings

· Watch something on AmazonPrime

· Start a new book or resolution

· And go for a hike or a road trip

New Year’s Day Brunch

Brunch is a portmanteau for breakfast and lunch and is closely associated with the New Year. The reason for this is not distant. Due to the overnight activities of the New Year, most people do not take breakfast; instead, they eat out by ordering food online to serve as brunch. Little surprises that as the New Year nears, the search for brunch recipes has gone up on Google. Your brunch recipes can, however, be self-pleasing or crowd-engaging, depending on how you want to live your bliss.

New Year’s Day Parade

Is it a New Year if there are no New Year parades on the streets? Some of the parades are on foot led by high schools or antique bicycles sponsored by different NGOs. But they mostly share the same mission, which is to raise funds for charity. Unfortunately, parades this year have been canceled in most countries due to the pandemic.

Are Stores Open on New Year’s Day?

Although most physical stores close during the New Year to celebrate the holidays, a few others open. Stores like restaurants, convenience stores, and other stores open, but with limited hours. Due to the pandemic, however, and the fact that most stores have moved online, meaning both buyers and sellers trade from home, availability is only subject to the seller's decision. You can check if a store is open or closed on New Year's Day by checking their website.

Is New Year’s Day a Bank Holiday?

You can't find banks open on New Year's Day as it is a bank holiday. Regardless, you can still deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds without visiting a bank through your bank's mobile or internet banking. While this saves you time as a client, it also allows bank officials to get their needed rest.


Celebrating the New Year comes with risks and benefits. The risk of being infected with the virus limits the extent of celebration. However, the benefits are in the fact that you can have fun right from the comfort of your home. You can play games with friends, shoot fireworks, and watch movies with brunch ordered from an online store.