How Reviews Can Help You Maximize Your Home Improvement Investment

How Reviews Can Help You Maximize Your Home Improvement Investment

Homeowners will need to renovate or update their houses from time to time. It can be a simple project or a major overhaul. Perhaps, you want to install granite countertops, renovate your attic, change the flooring, or repair the window to make your home more appealing or simply to fix an issue. Also, it is good to know that a home improvement job is going to increase the value of your property, which will fetch you more money in case you want to sell it someday.

You will surely ask for quotes for the home improvement job. But how do you know whether you have received a good estimate? Just considering the price is not advisable because there are so many other important factors to consider. Also, how do you know that the home improvement contractor is a decent organization known for doing a good job?

Calculate How Much the Renovation Is Likely To Cost

You need an idea of the likely cost. However, not all homeowners will be able to do this. So, it is essential to seek professional help. You can also ask your neighbors, colleagues from work, and friends who have recently done a similar job about how much they spent. This will give you an idea. But do remember, every project is different. The measurements of your home or the specifications may differ.

Take the window, for example. The average cost of replacing a window will be between $614 and $1,309, depending on various factors like the type of frame, which can be vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. The cost will also depend on the window style, size, and glass. Then, there is also the installation cost. Taking everything into consideration can be difficult. This is where a window cost calculator can be helpful. It provides a list of the likely expenses of all types of windows and their materials. Simply select what you have in mind and add up the costs. It will be very useful.

Read Customer Reviews

These days, we read reviews for everything before making a purchase decision. We do this to buy electronics online and read up hotel reviews on websites like TripAdvisor before booking. Here are the pros and cons of online customer reviews. You will find many reviews for home improvement as well that can help you decide.

Why are ratings and reviews so important? They will give you an idea about the quality of service provided by the contractor for remodeling services. Google Reviews is a good place to start. Most businesses that matter will be on Google and they will have reviews. So, just search with the contractor company’s name and you will probably see the reviews they have received. Find out how many reviews they have received, the rating, and the star, which is an average of the customer ratings. Select a contractor with at least a 4-star.

You should also search for the contractor on Facebook. You may see many customers posting their reviews and even photos of their jobs on this social media platform. Also, find out whether the business cares to answer both the positive and negative reviews. A business that cares about its customers and online reputation will make this extra effort. This will tell you about their business attitude and the people behind the show.

Here are some other places where you can read up customer reviews:

  • US-Reviews is a leading reviews website where you can review a wide range of products and services, including home improvement contractors.
  • Yelp is a common place for bar and restaurant reviews. However, you will also find contractor reviews on this crowd-sourced platform.
  • GuildQuality is more specific for remodeling jobs and so you will get more relevant reviews here.
  • Houzz is much like GuildQuality. This industry-specific review website will help you find contractor information.
  • Porch will also help you review local home service contractors. You will find many reviews for both repairs and maintenance jobs.
  • Thumbtack has more than 10 million users, making it another good place to read those reviews and find a good business.
  • Angi, formerly called Angie’s List, where customers can read home service reviews and connect with contractors. You will also find many photos of maintenance and home repair jobs.
  • You can use HomeStars if you are from Canada. It is very popular.
  • For the UK, there is, an extremely trusted platform for home improvement reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted places online for customer reviews. It is popular worldwide. You may also see the BBB logo on your contractor’s website if it has received reviews here.

Not just these places, you can also search on Google by typing the business name with words such as “review”, “complaints” and “scams”. Make sure to read the reviews with a critical eye. That’s because, sometimes, many businesses will post fake reviews to improve their credibility. However, it is almost impossible to post fake reviews on places like Google because the unique algorithm of this search engine can detect and remove them.

Ask for Reference

Also, make sure to ask for a reference from the contractor you are considering. Read the testimonials on the company website. Ask whether you can reach those who have given these testimonials to verify. A good contractor, confident about the business, shouldn’t have a problem. Many of them seek permission from happy clients about sharing their phone numbers and email addresses.

You cannot take a chance with your home. You will maximize your investment by completing a well-done home improvement job. This will be money well spent. When you read the reviews, check whether the customer was happy with the work, whether it was completed on time, and the quality of the materials used. Analyze whether the contractor is assessable and reliable.

Also, find out how much time each contractor will take to complete the job. Yes, you don’t want to hurry and end up with poor-quality work. On the other hand, you cannot afford to let the work continue forever. Then, once you have selected a contractor, track the time and the work. This guide delves into the value of time tracking for everyone.

Also, if you are thinking of improving the value of your home, carry out a renovation project that will give you the most return like hardwood flooring, for example.


Home is the biggest investment most people make in their lives. It needs to be properly maintained and even upgraded. A good home can also fetch money in case you want to sell it off someday for whatever reason. It is essential to hire a contractor for most home improvement and renovation jobs. For most homeowners, this is not a DIY job they can do easily.

A professional will know how to do it efficiently, in good time, and within budget. However, you must hire a good contractor with a reputation and the required knowledge and experience. Going through reviews and analyzing can surely help you arrive at the right conclusion.

Article by Dale Irvin

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