Popular New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World

Popular New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World

New Year’s Day is around the corner again, and the excitement is filling the air already. We can already see the sense of gratitude and appreciation that comes with this season all over social media. 2020 has been quite a tough year. With the Coronavirus keeping a lot of us sad for months, the idea of launching into a fresh year becomes more appealing.

New Year’s Day is an event that is celebrated widely across the world. Various cultural and religious differences are kept aside to come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve and then New Year’s Day. However, each culture has traditions that they perform to usher in the new year. In this article, we will look at various New Year’s day and New Year’s eve traditions from across the globe.

New Year’s Eve Traditions in the USA

The most common New Year’s Eve tradition in the United States is gathering in popular parks and watching fireworks. However, the ball drop in the New York Times Square has grown to be the most popular of these gatherings. It is a global event that is streamed worldwide. This ‘Ball Drop’ event has been on since 1907 till date. If you’re in New York or can make it there, it's something you don’t want to miss.

Italian New Year’s Eve Traditions

On New Year’s Eve, a lot of Italian natives enjoy their homemade meals. At the stroke of midnight, they have a meal of sausages and lentils. The sausages contain high fatty content and they assume that it is a symbol of abundance. They also perform a ritual of throwing away old things on New Year’s Eve. This symbolizes their preparedness for the new things that come with the New Year and letting go of the past.

New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World

Across major cities in the world, there are gatherings in central places and parks to commemorate New Year’s Eve. Some of these cities are Dubai, Sydney, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. In Sydney people gather at Sydney Harbour to watch fireworks, In Barcelona they gather at the Placad’Espanya, and in Amsterdam, the MagereBrug is the place to be. These venues play hosts to parties and fiestas on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Day Traditions

New Year’s Day traditions involve prayers and offerings of gratitude for a New Year. This is characterized also by time with family and friends. Many families host dinners with good recipes and a large dining table on show. Both immediate and extended family, friends and well-wishers come to a fine dining restaurant with beer and wine in sufficient quantity.

Irish New Year Traditions

In Ireland, they take the New Year very seriously. Irish households are known to do a complete spring cleaning of their homes in the last week of the year. This to them means that they do not go into the new year with any dirt or stains from the previous one. There is also a ritual that is performed at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day. It involves entering their houses through the front door and leaving through the back. People who do this are assured Good luck throughout the year.

New Year’s Good Luck Traditions

Many cultures across the world perform some traditional meal rituals to claim Good luck for the new year to come. Some of these traditional meals include serving of animals like pigs in European countries like Portugal and Hungary. They believe that these animals will bring prosperity, and so eating them on the first day of the year is symbolic. In other places, they make puddings with nuts or almonds hidden in them. They say anyone who gets the one with the nut has been chosen for Good luck and goodwill throughout the new year.

New Year’s Food Tradition Around the World

As with other notable events, food is an important part of the New Year’s Day celebrations. Different cultures have specific meals they make to celebrate this day. In Greece and the Netherlands, they make round shaped snacks to symbolize the completion of a year. Other countries like the US and Italy use legumes to make meals as symbols of buoyancy. Such meals are often in large servings and are shared to neighbors and sometimes given out towards a good cause.

New Year’s Food Traditions in America

Dinners are a huge part of America’s New Year’s eve and New Year’s day food traditions. When they are not hosting the dinners at home, they reserve restaurants that offer amazing food for their families and friends. Little wonder why eating out on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day is a chore.

As you celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, be sure to incorporate some of these traditions into your plans. Wishing you a joyous celebration and a Happy New Year 2021!