The mascot in the new technologically advanced world

The mascot in the new technologically advanced world

From the world of sport to street social events, the mascot figure today represents a medium of fundamental importance for all those who wish to spread their message to a vast and heterogeneous public.

Observing the customs of ancient populations and old indigenous tribes for example, it is easy to realize how the use of the mascot has always favored forms of inclusive social interaction, above all because of the fact that everywhere in the world there has always been a need to identify a human or animal figure that can rise to goodwill of the society itself; but if once the role of the mascot was destined above all to shamans and similar professionals of the magical arts, over time instead this has gradually evolved from a religious symbol to an allegory of the hopes of specific organized groups, and today, the phenomenon finds the maximum example in the mascots that populate the social scene in the United States - discover for example some of the most fascinating and entertaining Stock Mascot Costumes, such as the incredible bear, the frightening lion and the funny dog.

The evolution of a timeless social symbol

Following the appearance of the term in the homonymous theatrical work in three acts by the French composer Edmond Audran, at the end of the nineteenth century the mascot went through a process of redefinition of its peculiar characters, thus passing from a period in which it was identified with inanimate objects but somehow endowed with esoteric properties, to become an animated figure often associated with plants and animals with anthropomorphic features.

Today, that the mascots have conquered the sympathy of the audience all over the world, in some places similar figures are even celebrated by the population during events organized specifically to favor interaction especially with the youngest public; it is no coincidence, for example, if in recent years some very useful online platforms have been developed to give to people in the world the chance to buy the mascot outfit they want simply by a click - see for example Promo Bear USA, one of the most renowned websites that offer rare mascots such as custom shaped stress ball, and other unique mascot ideas; indeed, it is thanks to the activity of some specialists in costumes in masks and social events, that the mascot nowadays takes on a value that goes far beyond its role of entertainment.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and new infotainment tools

Commercial, scholastic, musical, governmental and scientific mascots, there is really no limit to the examples of mascots that is possible to discover by going around the world and since the phenomenon seems to increase with time, it is plausible to expect important evolutions also and above all as a consequence of the new interactive virtual instruments, thanks to which it is not only possible to create masquerade costumes of the last generation with personalized details and innovative functions, but especially favoring new types of interaction with the public and therefore, new ways to do entertainment.

For example, in societies in which today human activities are rapidly digitizing such as China, many companies work with dedication at the creation of robotics mascot designs by which to overcome the concept of pure fun and simply social interaction during the events, in favor of constant infotainment practices in support especially of young people who encounter greater difficulties in developing interpersonal relationships. All small and large new generation robots that, thanks to artificial intelligence, gradually give new meaning to the mascot figure.