What is Open on New Year’s Day 2021: Stores You Could Visit for New Year’s Day Shopping

What is Open on New Year’s Day 2021: Stores You Could Visit for New Year’s Day Shopping

It is an end to what has been a brutal year for most. New year’s eve is a day with a lot of importance because it figuratively signifies passing from one mile-marker in our lives to the next. The evening of new year’s eve is one filled with social events and gatherings. There are fireworks lit to make things colourful, and the historical ball drop to celebrate the new year.

This has been a tradition for thousands of years. New year’s festivities can be traced back to as late as 4000 years ago, a time when ancient Babylon still existed. The occasion was celebrated with pomp and pageantry, similar to what we do today, only in their time they called it Akitu.

Want to beat everyone else to getting everything on your shopping list you did not get the previous year? Here is all you need to know about what is open on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day Shopping

Do you need to remodel your kitchen, remodel your bathroom, replace your patio furniture, or finally get one? Are these items you would love to tick off your new year’s resolution of things you must do? The one place that is open on new year’s day where you can get all these is The Home Depot. This store is open on New year’s eve and New year’s day.

Stores Open on New Year’s Day

On the first day of the year, several items are usually on our mind to get for the new year, which is why knowing which stores are open will save you the time of going to stores that do not provide new year’s day services. There are several stores open, and we’ve listed them below along with their opening hours:

· Kroger: If you’ve got medications to purchase because you ran out of pills on new year’s eve, Kroger is one of the pharmaceutical stores that would be open on New Year’s day, and they will be available round the clock for 24 hours on New year’s day. The opening hours may differ in different states across the United States, but they will stay that way until the day after the new year once they are open.

· Publix: The food and pharmacy store is one of the many stores which are open on new year’s day to provide customers with shopping services. Publix will open at its regular hours of 7am, which is consistent across its chain of stores. The store closes by 9 pm, and it is the same for New year’s day.

Home Depot New Year’s Hours

Home Depot is a popular store that sells items that are very vital to make your houses look good, and this store will be open on New Year’s day. Were you late in beautifying your home for the new year’s and have people coming over the day after new year’s day? You can rush down to a Home Depot outlet to get what you need, spruce up your home, and welcome your guests to your home. They are open on new year’s day between the hours of 9.a.m. until 8.p.m. Their opening and closing hours are consistent.

Is Target Open on New Year’s Day?

Target is one of the brands that is open on new year’s day. This brand understands the tradition of getting items crossed off your list on days like that, and you will find them open on their regular hours. However, bear in mind that their opening hours vary on New year’s day.

Barnes and Nobles New Year’s Day Hours

Do you want to beat everyone else to ticking off the items on your reading list in the new year? Barnes and Noble is one of the bookstores you can be sure to help you get that done. The popular chain store will be open to the public on New Year’s day. They are scheduled to open by 11 am, but there is uncertainty over their closing hours. Your best bet is to be at the store early enough.

Is Ikea Open on New Year’s Day?

If you are a fan of this furniture store, it will delight you to know that they will be open on New Year’s day. Your furniture requirements don’t have to wait till some point in January before you get them. Ikea sticks to their regular hours on New year’s day, which is an opening hour of 10 am, while they would close by 9 pm.

Are Grocery Stores Open on New Year’s Day?

Yes, several grocery stores are open on New Year’s day. You can check if your favorite grocery shop is one of those you can visit on the day, or let you order for food online.

So, if you are one of those who are wondering what is open New Year’s day, there you have it. The stores above and a few others would be open on New Year’s day, so that everyone could enjoy the New Year’s day shopping.