What to Do for New Year’s Eve 2021? 5 Safe and Fun Ideas to Consider

What to Do for New Year’s Eve 2021? 5 Safe and Fun Ideas to Consider

It's no longer news that New Year's Eve is right upon us. The long-awaited 2021 is waiting at one of the corners in front of us. A foot in, a foot out, we all can't wait to leave the arduous pandemic-ridden 2020 behind and jump into the new year as if it solves everything.

Truly, it does solve everything. The concept of newness is not only endemic to the year, it also reflects in our lives. For how can we explain the high hopes and lofty dreams? The fireworks and firecrackers? The wishes, greetings, and new year resolutions? New Year's Eve is all of this and more.

Although this year's eve may seem a bit off the hook, it also has its thrills. If not for anything, the resilience of humans is worthy of celebration. So, are you considering what to do for New Year’s Eve? While nearly all events that punctuate New Year's Eve and make it live to its name have gone virtual, there are still some safe and fun ideas to consider.

Things to Do on New Year’s Eve

With restrictions put in place, there are limits to in-person gatherings. Even on the eve of a new year, we all must practice safety measures like social distances, putting on face masks, and limiting a person to person contact. Regardless, these are 5 safe and creative things to do to enjoy this New Year’s Eve.

1. Host a Family Party: You can still host a party that consists mainly of your friends and relatives. Put the kids in charge of the menu by making them create appetizers with three or fewer ingredients. Create your party show with balloons dropped only when the children start counting down to the new year. Get a sound system from a brand like JBL to enhance the party experience. More importantly, dress to kill!

2. Host a Video Call: It is comprehensive that not every one of your relatives will get involved in your party. Others who do not can be engaged with a big family video call. With you and others in your best outfits, you can share in the sense of fashion, spill jokes about memories, and collectively exercise your thanksgiving for the New Year.

3. Plan a Watch Party: planning a watch party is one of the fun things to do on New Year’s Eve. While you can watch movies alone all night, it would be fun if you form something like a cinema. Rather than go to the Cinemas and watch, put on your cinematic outfits, get someone to sell tickets, and make it real. You also shouldn't forget your cinema snacks such as gummy sweets, soft cookies, cupcakes, sushi, and popcorn. In all of these, don't forget to switch to dark mode!

4. Host a Karaoke: If a home cinema does not interest you, plan a concert by hosting a karaoke. Organize a karaoke contest and reward winners with weird and funny prizes just to make it all fun. Persuade everyone to join, bring the snacks, and prepare your singing machine.

5. Play a Game: What is New Year without games? There are varieties of games to play. From the old-fashioned Pajama game to the Wig Out where all members put on some weird-looking wigs and then run wild as if getting involved in some disco dances. Other games can be played, but they all depend on what interests you and your relatives.

How to Celebrate New Year at Home

Celebrating New Year at home should not be difficult with the 5 aforementioned activities. However, if you plan on being discrete, inviting some of your friends and distant relatives over, you can get some Blinds and keep a low profile. But you need to ensure all preventive measures are in place and no one is susceptible to contracting the virus.

New Year Day Parties

Parties are fun for New Year's Day. You may host for your family and friends or join in the ones with limited guests available near you. Whatever you choose to do indoors, ensure your in-house parties are cinematic with lots of brunch and decorations. Do not just attend the party because it's in-house, get dressed in your best outfit and party like it's 2021 already without the restrictions and the pandemic. And if you must attend outside parties, put up a note that screams "Wear A Mask Now!"


New Year's Eve, pandemic or not, will always be fun. In the end, what to do for New Year’s Eve depends on your feelings. Celebration is a mindset. Once you are in the right mindset, nothing is stopping you from realizing the most fun and extraordinary in-home New Year Eve wherever you are.