Invite your Clients to leave a Review!

Is your business profile struggling to get reviews? This could be due to one of two primary reasons: either your company hasn’t gained enough popularity yet, or the profile is newly created and just needs some time. Typically, a new company profile on Google requires between one to three months to start ranking well and attract visitors, leading to those essential first reviews.

Fortunately, there's a solution to help you garner more genuine reviews from real customers without the need for a long wait. As the title suggests, business owners can actively encourage their clients to leave feedback on their company profiles.

Why Are Reviews Important for a Company Profile?

Absolutely. A company profile devoid of reviews fails to provide potential clients with the assurance they need about your business’s reliability. Consider prioritizing the following aspects:

Quantity of Reviews

In this industry, the number of reviews significantly impacts the perception of potential customers who are unsure if your online store is trustworthy. A larger volume of reviews offers a better indication of what a prospective buyer can expect when shopping on your site.

Authenticity of Reviews

One common issue is business owners creating fake reviews to manipulate user opinions artificially. If you’re considering this for your company profile, be warned: it could lead to the suspension of your profile and the deactivation of your account.

At US-Reviews, we prioritize authentic, human-written reviews that are verified for the peace of mind of our community. If visitors suspect that any reviews are fake, they can report them to us. Our software and digital tools enable us to distinguish between genuine customer feedback and fraudulent reviews.

Additionally, we protect business profile owners from potential competitive sabotage in the form of negative fake reviews.

Total Rating Score

For some potential customers, the number or authenticity of reviews may be less important than the overall rating score. A quick glance at this score can provide a snapshot of what they can expect when purchasing from your website.

Business owners should strive to maintain high ratings from their customers and address any negative feedback directly. This helps in resolving issues and potentially updating negative reviews to more positive ones.

Quality of Descriptions

When users want to know specific details about your company, like customer service quality, they often turn to the subjective reviews left by others. The more descriptive and detailed these reviews are, the more valuable your profile becomes both in Google search results and organically.

Likelihood of Repeat Purchases

At US-Reviews, we conclude with a key question: “Would you buy from this website again?” This simple YES/NO query is crucial for potential buyers. If many previous customers say no, it’s advisable to reach out to them, resolve any issues and encourage them to update their reviews if their concerns are addressed.

It's important to note that US-Reviews does not condone any form of harassment or intimidation to get users to revise their reviews. Any complaints about such misconduct can lead to serious penalties for the offending business.

How to Get Reviews on Your Company Profile

Whether your profile is new or you're looking to improve it, several strategies can help you collect more comments and reviews from past customers on your US-Reviews profile:

  1. Ask Customers About Their Experience: The simplest method is to ask for feedback once a transaction is complete and the customer has received their product or service. This provides insight into what they truly think about your brand.

Many business owners report that the likelihood of receiving a review is low relative to their total customer base. To mitigate this, consider offering incentives like discount codes to encourage customers to leave a review.

  1. Automate the Review Process: Simplify and streamline the review collection process by automating it. Sending automated emails inviting customers to review their transaction post-purchase is a common and effective method.

These emails can be sent immediately after a purchase or after an average of 30 to 60 days. Both approaches are valid for gathering customer feedback on the quality, service, and pricing of your e-commerce site.

  1. Respond to Reviews: Customers are more likely to leave reviews if they see that the business owner actively responds to both positive and negative feedback.

Responding to all comments shows your engagement and willingness to address issues, which may encourage customers to edit unfavorable reviews once their concerns are resolved.

  1. Implement Our Widget: To boost the likelihood of customers leaving reviews, US-Reviews offers a custom widget that can be integrated into your website. This allows potential customers to quickly check your site's reliability and leave comments if they have made a purchase.

This service is available at no cost to maintain close contact with our staff and the companies that trust US-Reviews. Contact us if you are interested in this feature.