5 Things to Stop Doing on Dating Apps

5 Things to Stop Doing on Dating Apps

Dating apps have seen a major surge in use and activities in recent times. A testament to their significance in the internet scheme of growth.

This is due to the prevalence of internet use and the technological rise of smartphones. Today, dating apps seem to have replaced bars, workplace romance, or going home with a stranger.

Indeed, nearly every traditional conversation platform for finding love and commitment has been domiciled by dating apps. It's no longer a matter of how many people use dating apps, but more of a knowledge that dating apps are here to stay.

Dating experiences of users on US-Reviews have shown that finding the best dating apps is not the issue or free dating apps where you can begin your love journey. The issue has, however, been doing it the wrong way.

Although these apps do not come with a manual, there are dos and don'ts. The don'ts are often regulated by service-owners. Among the dos are things you should stop doing in 2021. There are several ways you can go wrong on dating apps without you knowing. So, you need to be on your best behavior when relating with other people. You also need to know what works and what doesn't. Reading reviews about dating services also help.

Ditching these 5 things we have listed will make your dating stay enjoyable and the app more habitable for other users.

1. Pretending to be too good for dating apps

People who feel shameful or weird about dating apps while using dating apps only makes matters worse. Even if you feel such a strong conviction against the use of dating apps, you don't need to convey it to other users just to feel "too good". It sounds phonier than "too good" anyway. You should never open a profile in the first place if you feel ambivalent about online dating.

2. Asking for Snapchat before contact

Asking other users for their Snapchat says a lot about you. It shows how you think and your orientation to dating websites. Taking the conversation to other chat media when the dating app already has a chat feature is time-wasting and lacks thought. The chat feature is there for a reason. You can chat for as long as you wish. Rather than ask people for Snapchat, you should request their contacts and take the conversation there.

3. Exchanging numbers too early

While there are no rules to when numbers can be exchanged, doing so early might not work to your advantage. Your match might feel reluctant to pass another online number to their contact. They might also want the conversation to hit a modest period before taking it to the contact level. The best time to exchange contacts is when you and your match are ready to meet. When conversation hits that point, then you're good.

4. Starting conversations with "hey" and the app's pre-written starters

This should go into the cliché and boring category. No match will reply to you on any dating app if your first impression is not engaging enough. You'll need to come up with a creative conversation starter, unique from others. The best way to do this is to look at your match's profile, see if there is an interest, and then hit on that spot with engaging lines.

5. Selfies: Lastly, your selfie shouldn't be looking terrible

You are here for a date, albeit remote, so dress for one. Use your best selfie in your profile. You only need one or two selfies to make the right impression. Why not make that one count?


When you Google-search "dating apps 2021" or "dating apps that work", you are not expecting that they would work right away. You know you need to make efforts to make them work. Some of these efforts require you to stop doing certain things on dating apps.

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