Dating app tips for Middle Aged Men in the USA

Dating app tips for Middle Aged Men in the USA

The following tips are intended to help you get more success with Tinder and other free date apps right away. We at US-Reviews have a mission: we want to introduce you to a few secrets so that you will be much more successful there than before. Most men do not use the full potential of Tinder and other free date apps and they often result in making serious and continuous mistakes. Therefore, we will try to show you and demonstrate exactly what to avoid and we guarantee that our tips will help you thrive in Dating in 2020. And especially now, with the coronavirus crisis and with the inability to meet other people physically, dating apps can be quite handy.

For example, as Vida select describes, for most it is not clear enough how important the right profile is. We will show you what you need to pay attention to and how to avoid the biggest mistakes. So, if you are really looking for dates or how to get a girlfriend, then you should pay attention to the following guidelines. This guide, which comes from our own experience, nothing stands in the way of success!

Let’s start from scratch for those who don’t have a profile yet. To be able to flirt with others, you will need to install a dating app either on your mobile phone for direct messaging and chat or on your PC if this suits you better. Before finding the best application for you, it is suggested to read through customer experience reviews to find out what suits you best. Most of these apps are free for iOS and Android but some require a Facebook account. The way most apps work is that women from your area and women that match your profile load and you get a chance to browse through their profile and their images. You can see if this candidate is close to your interests or if you are attracted to her physically and if you decide that you want to know this woman better, you have two options:

You "wipe" her image either to the left if you don't like it, or to the right if you like it. This is actually the way Tinder works but other apps and websites like or Ashley Madison work the same. The other profiles will receive a notification and the women will evaluate your profile. If the other side thinks also that you are a potential match, you will be connected to each other and chat. That's it! If you have liked or disliked a woman, the next woman will pop up and the app will continue searching for your perfect match.

Honesty, according to is very important. The sooner your potential match gets an impression of your personality, the higher the likelihood that it will like you and you will be dating a girlfriend sooner or later. Photos without a statement are simply ignored. The first 6 photos should give further insights about you and your life. So what do you need to demonstrate on these dating apps to get more hits?

  • Show your activities

Are you sporty or do you like to go outdoors? That's a big plus. The broader you show your interests, the more likely it is that a woman discovers similarities with you. And the advantage is that you directly have common points of contact. If you like jogging and you have a match with a woman who also likes jogging, then she probably liked you for that. She probably saw your main profile photo and found you sympathetic. Then she saw your photo while jogging and that was the main motivation to like you. This example shows how important common interests are.

  • Special interests

Maybe you’re a passionate photographer or interested in art. Do you have a photo of you visiting an exhibition? This highlights you from the crowd and makes you interesting and appealing to potential candidates.

  • Travels

Travelling is very exciting for most people. If you show a photo that shows you in an interesting place in the world, it immediately makes you interesting as well. And it reveals to your potential match that you are open-minded, interested in other cultures, and a man of the initiative – all positive qualities!

  • Dress nice

Yes, you have read correctly. Women like men in suits for a reason. If you have photos from a wedding or some other party where you look good in a tuxedo – use this. A photo in a suit is also welcome. Remember: a photo speaks volumes and when a woman sees you in a tuxedo she automatically accepts the fact that the man has style and taste.

  • Sweet animal babies

Even if you find it banal, cute animals always are catchy. A photo of you with a cute puppy is an eye-catcher for women. And it also shows that you have a gentle side and personality – something that every woman wants from her partner. You can also combine travel and animals in a photo. This is the best! Babies? Only if it’ s your own and you might be looking for a woman who also has children. Anyone will automatically conclude that it is your own child if you have it on your arm and that could be a huge no for many women who are looking for an unbound man.

  • Friends

One or two photos with friends show that you have a social side and that you are able to converse with people. But no more than two photos. Your main photo especially should not be a group photo, because it’s about you. And when you are with your buddy, a girl might not realize immediately who you are of the two and find your friend even more attractive.

Photos with another woman or other women are a minefield. Sure, the other woman could also be your sister – but remember that everything is decided in a matter of seconds. And there is no chance for second impressions – the first one counts. Women don’t want to compete – so take caution when sharing photos.

  • Family

Just like photos with friends, family photos show that everything is okay with you. But as many family members as possible should be on it because if you are only with your sister in the photo there might be misunderstandings.

“Be real”! This is the best advice we could give you. It’s not about presenting yourself as rich and equipped with a super-body on Tinder. Of course, that will attract some women, but maybe not those you really want to meet. And besides, the moment of truth will always come during the first date and all lies would be revealed there.

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