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    Car Lease

    Leasing a car used to be a business affair. But not any more! Leasing is becoming increasingly possible for private use (or: private lease). More and more companies offer a lease contract that includes everything: repairs, maintenance, insurance and road tax. The only thing you have to pay for is gas. So everything included in one monthly price. But is this really cheaper than buying a car yourself? What are the pros and cons of private lease? Are you stuck with a car for four years? And what if you want to get out of your contract before that? In that case, will you have to pay a fine? And in case of damage or an accident, is there small print that will cost you extra? The answers to all of these questions are difficult to find out cia the leasing company. That’s why drivers themselves share their experiences, opinions and reviews. Was it a good idea or not? Read it here!