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    Musicians often carry an organizer or binder full of sheet music with them. But where can you find the best music? One of the companies that offers music apps for your tablet and mobile phone is OnSong. But what can you expect from this app? How accessible will this musical app be? What kind of songs will they offer? How easy and accessible will this app be? What kind of features will this app provide? Can this app really replace your binder full of sheet music? And what kind of customer service will OnSong provide if you happen to have a problem, complaint or question? Read customer reviews written by real customers of OnSong and see what they have to say about this music app. Their experiences, opinions, comments, ratings and remarks can help you decide if OnSong is the kind of musical app that you can work with or not.

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    OnSong is a company that offers a music app. They want to provide the opportunity to replace your old binder full of loose sheet music with one single app that contains all the songs you want to play or listen to. The app enables you to manage huge collections of chord charts as well as a lyrics sheet for your own band or worship team. The app has a pull and recorder set list so you can flip from one song to the other with ease. And you can highlight chords or chance front size, all with just one brush of your finger. There are a few file formats that are supported by OnSong. Examples are OnSong, OnSong Archive, ChordPro and Plain Text. There is a foot paddle that helps you to handle your device and app handsfree. With this AirTurn floor paddle, you can scroll your song and navigate your sets with just a press of your foot. They understand that a song is sometimes not performed in a key that suits your vocal range. And sometimes you don’t want to capo and the music is too difficult for a guitarist to pay without it. In that case, you can change the music by using the transpose slider included in the app. It’s even possible to use one key for a song in a particular set and another (the original, or a third one) in another set.

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    You can download the OnSong app via your Apple Appstore. Once you found the app and downloaded it, you can install the app on your Apple iPhone device. It’s even possible to install the app on your iPad. The App is available in multiple languages.

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    What do you think of OnSong? How accessible and easy to use is this music app really? How easy is it to download and install the app? And what kind of customer service does OnSong provide? Write a review and tell us what you think of OnSong so other people will know what to expect from this music app.

    How easy to use is the music app OnSong? Read customer reviews about this app with lyrixs sheets, chord charts, transpose tools and more.

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