5 Interesting Facts About Online Dating

5 Interesting Facts About Online Dating

From business communication to dating and maintaining personal relationships, everything seems to be happening online. Dating online is nothing like the traditional old-school way of getting to know someone.

The world of online dating is far more diverse, complex, and a lot more dangerous. As convenient as it is to use technology to find people who share the same interests, using dating apps has its pros and cons. Here are five interesting facts about online dating that you might not be aware of!

1. Talking to Many People at the Same Time

Interestingly, 25% of online dating app users claim that they are talking to 4 or 5 people at the same time. Dating apps are a great place to meet many different people, as long as you are not looking for love at first sight or a soulmate.

For those interested in finding a loyal partner, you shouldn’t get your hopes up right away when you start talking to someone via a dating app. But you never know when you might meet a potential long-term partner, as the following fact will reveal.

2. Most People Know at least One Person Who Met Their Partner Online

The same source reveals that 47% of people who completed this survey know at least one person who has met their spouse or partner via dating apps. This fact shows that not all online relationships are temporary and meaningless. Online dating has become a reliable option for many, especially the youth who are using the internet more often.

With millions of people using Tinder, Grindr, and similar apps, you can find someone worth spending your life with. It is advisable to be aware of the potential dangers of scamming while scrolling through dating apps.

3. A Large Percentage of Users Were Catfished At Least Once

34% of participants of this study found out that the person they were talking to was lying about their identity. Catfishing is a common scam on online dating websites and one of the most dangerous threats you should be looking for.

Some of the red flags that say you’re being catfished include lack of transparency in conversation or people’s unwillingness to send photos or talk about themselves. There are many other signs you should be aware of in case you suspect that someone might be trying to trick you.

4. The Number of Men and Women Using Dating Apps is Nearly Equal

The most common misconception when it comes to online dating is that more men are using dating apps than women. Some sources state that 70% of female internet users have never made a profile on a dating website.

Even though the majority believe that men are more likely to download dating apps for their convenience. But the truth is that the number of men and women using this resource is nearly equal. Keep in mind that the exact percentage of users depends on the platform, location, and other factors.

5. Dating Apps Can Expose Personal Data to Risk

Last but not least, many people don’t think about signing up for dating apps because of the security risks tied to them. Using a dating platform means you ought to reveal some personal data, whether that is your location, interests, age, or even phone number. Either way, your login credentials, and other personal info can easily be exploited.

The best way to avoid any unwanted security issues with dating apps is to use a VPN or virtual private network to hide your IP address (https://nordvpn.com/features/hide-ip/). If you’re asking yourself, “why would I want to hide my IP address?” The answer is simple. Your IP address reveals your geographical location and serves as a key piece of the puzzle for hackers trying to make a security breach.

Enjoy Online Dating with Security in Mind

As long as your expectations are not too high, the world of online dating can be fun. However, don’t forget to protect your personal data while using these platforms and stay on a lookout for potential red flags. It is best to verify the other person’s identity before interacting with them on a more serious level. You can do so by asking to see their other social media profiles or suggest taking your conversation to a safer chat app.

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