How to choose a profile name

On US-Reviews every user account must have a name, which will be displayed alongside each published review. Your username is not permanent; you can change it whenever you like. Your choice of username depends on how much you want to be identifiable or if you prefer to maintain some level of anonymity.

What type of user names are allowed?

You have the freedom to choose any user name you'd like. Many reviewers just use their first name, while others prefer to use their full name. If you wish to be anonymous, you may choose a username other than your own, but make sure it is appropriate and meets our user guidelines for reviewers. For example, your username must be completely impersonal or contain hateful or negative content. 

Changing your username

All users are free to change their username whenever they want. Here’s how you do it. Login to our website, click on your profile image at the top right and go to “Account details”. Here you can change your username. Just make sure to save it when you’re done.


As you’re in the process of picking a username, it's imperative to prioritize your online privacy and security. Think of it as protecting your personal space. Avoid sharing sensitive information like your full name to protect yourself from potential unauthorized access or misuse of your data. Using an alias or just a part of your name will help in safeguarding your identity. 

Creating a Friendly Space For All

When picking your username, it's important to keep things friendly and respectful. Choose a name that shows you're a professional and trustworthy member of the community. Avoid using any language or content that could upset or offend others. By sticking to these guidelines, you help make sure everyone feels welcome and appreciated in our online space.