My review received a verification request

I've Been Asked to Edit My Review or Provide More Information

Companies you've reviewed might reach out to you if they believe you're referring to a different entity or violating US-Reviews's guidelines.

Why Would a Company Contact Me?

Contacting a review author is a standard part of the process for companies addressing problematic reviews. They might contact you for several reasons:

Unrecognized as a Customer:

  • Sometimes, companies require additional information if they cannot recognize you as their customer. By requesting more details, companies can quickly identify, understand, and address any issues.

Review Appears Misplaced:

  • If your review suggests it was posted to the wrong company profile, the company might ask if you intended to review their business specifically.

Violation of Guidelines:

  • Reviews should not contain confidential or personal information. If a company believes you have included such content in your review, they may ask you to remove it.

Eligibility Concerns:

  • If a company suspects that your review does not meet US-Reviews’s publishing criteria, they may request additional information to verify your experience.

This guide helps clarify why and under what circumstances a company might contact you regarding your review, aiming to ensure transparency and address any issues effectively.

How Does It Work?

You'll receive a message from the company at the email address associated with your account. It's up to you to decide how to respond. We give one week to answer the allegations. 

What Happens If I Disagree With the Request or Don't Respond?

If you disagree with the company's request, choose not to respond, or do not provide sufficient information, most probably your review will be removed after a final review by part of our team.

This process ensures that both parties have a fair opportunity to address any concerns related to the content of a review, maintaining the integrity of the platform.