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    Are you having trouble with expensive airfares? Are you facing the difficulties of over luggage and last minute unpacking at the airport? If so then is the dream place for you and your family. The flights these days are either delayed or are much expensive to be handled even by a high-class person. AirfareWatchDog helps the consumers to leave all the worries behind and take a step into the world cheap in airfares and easily affordable by the people making their lives a heaven in itself.

    About AirfareWatchDog:
    AirfareWatchDog is a part of the Smarter Travel Media Network and it was created by Gorge Hobica who is a travel journalist specialising in consumer issues. This site is not only the hard work of George but also a team of skilled professional that aim to lessen the burden on consumers. These efficient people include Tracy, Gabriel, Danielle, Megan, Florin, Ricky, Peter, Giuliana, Samantha, Andrew and Browser. The browser is the mascot of this company. These all people are dedicated professionals and have aimed their lives for the well-being of consumers. This company also provides hotels to their valuable consumers at such a reasonable price that will blow your mind off. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is that why pick this company when there are much more. Well, AirfarewWatchDog has some distinctive features that differentiate it from other companies. Some of the qualities include checking seats availability for the fares they list, listing of SouthWest Airline Fares ,listing of promo code fares, specification of flight when it is non-stop, inclusion of weekend fares, giving priority to value more than just lowering of fares, provide deep links and offer separate  domestic, domestic weekend, domestic international and Canadian fares. The fares they list are lower their historical average, they are offered by just one or two airlines serving the route, have at least few seats available at the sale price and are often unadvertised and short lived. In short, this is the site where you wanna travel with a promise of comfort and ease.

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    Services offered:
    There are a great number of services offered by Airfarewatchdog. Firstly, they offer in addition to comfortable flights,  the hotels where you can stay at lavishing prices. Secondly, there are alternative entertainment ways to mobile phones and laptops that are switched off during the flight. Their first priority is the well-being of their consumers. Third, the problem of over luggage is also solved at this site and you can now carry as much luggage as you want. In addition, they provide many airlines deals and airline fares to any destination of your choice. The maintenance team is highly qualified and these professional people make your journey even comfortable. Fourth service offered includes the ease of searching for fares as the fares are already listed on the website and you can find the fares that best suits your needs. These all wonders mentioned above make it the most luxurious travelling experience ever.

    Complaints and Feedbacks:
    If you have used this website then your reviews and experience are a necessity to be shared. AirfareWatchDog shows a positive attitude towards your suggestions, problems, and complaints and asks you for your valuable feedback. If you have any compliments, feedback, suggestions, complaints then we as well as AirfareWatchDog would love to hear it and have great respect for that. Your complaints and queries are answered well within 24 hours.

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