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    Parking at the airport can often add unnecessary stress to your vacation. Finding a parking spot is frequently a challenge and very expensive. Can Park ‘N Fly relieve you of these problems? Can you trust Park ‘N Fly with your car? Does Park ‘N Fly bring you more or less stress before your flight? Are there many paying options with Park ‘N Fly? Do you have to wait a long time for the shuttle to arrive? Are Park ‘N Fly’s parking locations safe and secure? Find out by reading the reviews on this website!

    About Park ‘N Fly

    Park ‘N Fly’s shuttles are in operation 24/7 and its parking lots are always open. Park ‘N Fly is available at many airports, including

    • Atlanta
    • Cleveland
    • Dallas
    • Ft. Lauderdale
    • Houston
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • Minneapolis
    • Nashville
    • New Orleans
    • Oakland
    • Ontario
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
    • Birmingham
    • Anchorage
    • Phoenix
    • Burbank
    • San Jose
    • Denver
    • Hartford
    • Chicago
    • Boston
    • Detroit
    • Newark
    • New York (JFK and La Guardia)
    • Toronto
    • Philadelphia
    • Pittsburgh
    • Charleston
    • Nashville
    • San Antonio
    • Richmond
    • DC
    • Milwaukee
    • Seattle

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    Park ‘N Fly offers many different services. Aside from being able to reserve a parking spot and taking a shuttle to the airport, you can elect to use valet parking. With valet parking, you drop off your car at the parking lot entrance and get on the shuttle immediately. If you travel with heavy bags, the shuttle driver will carry it into and out of the shuttle for you.

    When you return from your vacation, it can be a let down when your brand new and carefully maintained vehicle is covered in bird poo. Park ‘N Shine can wash your car just before you return, so that it is in perfect condition when you come to pick it up.

    Traveling always gets more complicated when you own a pet. Can you leave it with your neighbors or your family? But what if they have allergies or are not into pets? Park ‘N Fly operates a four-star Pet Paradise Resort close to the airport, where your pet can comfortably stay while you’re away.

    There are few things worse than getting into your car and finding out that it is excruciatingly hot because it has been standing in the sun all the time. A car that is completely covered in snow is equally annoying. Park ‘N Fly offers covered parking so that you can avoid these problems.

    If you often make use of Park ‘N Fly’s services, you can join the Frequent Parker Program, giving you easier access to Park ‘N Fly’s parking lots and other perks.

    Questions, comments and experiences

    If you wish to call Park ‘N Fly’s customer service, you can look up on Park N’ Fly’s website what phone number to call depending on your location. You can get support when you have already made a reservation by e-mailing Park ‘N Fly’s headquarters are located at the following address:

    2060 Mount Paran Road NW
    Suite 207, Paran Place
    Atlanta, GA 30327

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    Park 'N Fly? Park but not fly

    Never again will we use this service again. One driver was yelling at me because I expressed my frustration of the service. Her name is LENA (white middle-aged woman). Take note management. Your employee (especially Lena) was a rude racist. She yelled at me because of my skin color, even though I was travelling with a white person. She had the galls to tell us that people were waiting for over 40 minutes to get on a bus to be taken to the airport. Buses came by many times but refused to take people on because their buses were too small so they had to go to each shelter one at a time. Frequency was unbelievably few and far between. If we had not walked out of the parking lot to get a CAB across the street to take us to the airport, we would have missed our flight. And your friendly Lena was too busy yelling at passengers when all she should have done was to be more hard-working taking people to the airport (which happened to be her job!) NEVER EVER will use Park'N Fly again. Skypark had buses coming every 5 minutes. Try them instead.

    By: Doesn't matter15-04-2018

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