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    Park 'N Fly? Park but not fly

    Doesn't matter15-04-2018
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    Never again will we use this service again. One driver was yelling at me because I expressed my frustration of the service. Her name is LENA (white middle-aged woman). Take note management. Your employee (especially Lena) was a rude racist. She yelled at me because of my skin color, even though I was travelling with a white person. She had the galls to tell us that people were waiting for over 40 minutes to get on a bus to be taken to the airport. Buses came by many times but refused to take people on because their buses were too small so they had to go to each shelter one at a time. Frequency was unbelievably few and far between. If we had not walked out of the parking lot to get a CAB across the street to take us to the airport, we would have missed our flight. And your friendly Lena was too busy yelling at passengers when all she should have done was to be more hard-working taking people to the airport (which happened to be her job!) NEVER EVER will use Park'N Fly again. Skypark had buses coming every 5 minutes. Try them instead.

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