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    Do you need to pass a drug test for the company or organization that you work for? Do you believe that your job application should be assessed based on your education and work skills, and not your drug use? Or do you just want to detox or conduct a drug test yourself? Testclear claims to provide the products that you need. But can you trust this company? Do their products really allow you to pass a drug test? Do Testclear’s detox products work? Are Testclear’s drug identification tools really the same as the ones used by law enforcement? Does Testclear respect your privacy and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality? Is Testclear legal? These are all important questions, and the reviews on this website are a good start when searching for their answers!

    About Testclear

    Testclear presents itself as your drug testing adviser, making drug tests easier than ever to pass. Testclear has taken a clear stance in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the US, even making a detailed infographic. Testclear also features a list on its website of companies that drug test. Testclear claims to help people pass random, supervised and even military drug tests.

    How reliable are drug tests?

    Drug tests are controversial. These parents fight back against mandatory drug tests for middle schoolers.


    Testclear debunks myths of drinking water or using Golden Seal, Niacin, baking soda or a home remedy to pass a drug test. Instead, Testclear offers products like urine simulation products, shampoos to help you pass hair tests, mouthwash to pass oral drug tests and detox programs to help you pass blood tests.

    Other products at Testclear are drug testing kits, drug identification tests, infidelity tests (traces semen in underwear after sex), alcohol breath analyzers, drug testing books, hangover pills, paternity test, pregnancy tests, allergy tests, mold tests, gifts, drug testing services and gift certificates.

    Testclear offers products from the following manufacturers:

    • Detoxify
    • Toxin Rid
    • Test Clear
    • Zydot
    • ITG Labs
    • Hair Confirm Alcomate
    • Purity

    Next to an extensive list of companies that drug test, the website of Testclear also features a database with court cases related to drug testing, a database with drugs that can cause false positives, and a membership directory.

    When using Testclear’s services, you should be aware that Testclear may release your information to third parties—even if those parties did not request your information—when Testclear deems it appropriate for legal reasons, such as believing that you violated the law of the United States.

    Testclear uses UPS to ship your orders, and if you order before 4pm PST, your order will be dispatched the same day. If you order after 4.45pm PST on Friday, your order will not ship until Monday. Testclear does not accept returns for unused products except when said products are defective.

    Complaints, concerns, comments and experiences

    To contact Testclear, you can call 1-866-837-8253 or e-mail You can only visit Testclear’s offices if you have an appointment. The address is:

    19340 NE Union Hill Rd.
    Redmond, WA 98053

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    Testclear claims that its products can help you pass any drug test. Is this accurate or are Testclear's products a scam? Read reviews and find out!

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