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    For years, you have been going mad over a Volkswagen Beetle, American Cadillac, or have finally been able to get your hands on the one and only Ford Mustang. Those oldtimers are expensive cars, so of course you want to take out the best insurance policy. Often the value of an antique car is difficult to determine. Therefore it is also hard to determine what an insurance company is supposed to pay when car is total loss and can be considered a complete write-off. You can only know that when you take out an insurance policy, which is why we made an overview of all companies that provide a policy for antique cars. Because there are only a few insurance companies that offer a decent enough insurance policy for Oldtimers, we want to make sure there is a place where lovers of antique cars can read and write about experiences, express opinions on customer service or problems that encountered when they were in need. Read reviews by other customers or feel free to write your own.

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