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    Here you can read experiences with interactive television. But what is interactive television? Simply put: you decide when and where you want to watch. Before, everyone gathered in front of the television with a dinner plate on their lap at 7 o’clock sharp. Now you can decide for yourself when you want to eat, if you pause the news or your favourite sports program to cook dinner. Late for a show that already started 20 minutes ago? No problem, you can always watch from the beginning. That way, decide when and where you want to watch! But which companies and providers offer these options? We made an overview of all companies that offer interactive television. Who offers the most or best series and at what price? Do you have to pay extra for certain programs and how user friendly is the interface that is used to search and scroll with your remote control? The answers aren’t very clear before you order something. You only find it out when you have already started. That’s why we collected reviews of fellow customers who tell all about their experiences, opinions and complaints, so you know how things really are and make the best choice.

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