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    Experiences with all-in-1 packages by fellow customers. Internet, mobile phone, interactive tv, hosting, domain name and watching films all in one, is that wise? Does that prevent annoying problems like glitches and interferences? Do you have one easy overview? Can you cut back on your monthly expenses or do you pay even more? All-in-1 isn’t necessarily cheaper. Of course you can go and compare different companies like (insert companies) on one of the many sites available. But does that tell you exactly what you are in for, or only prices in stead of of service and quality. That’s why we made an overview of all telecom providers who offer all-in-one packages. Read reviews by customers who went before you, so you really know how a certain telecom company works. Any opinion, experience or complaint to add? Please leave a review.

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    All in one packages have gained popularity in recent years. On the one hand, this increase can be attributed to the providers of internet and television, because they can earn more by selling more products. On the other hand, the demand for this combined subscriptions has increased because of the sharp prices and the convenience. There are several websites where you can make a comparison between different providers and compare their price, television channels, free montage, internet speed, extras like recording possibilities, etc. Besides the discounts that are given on these packages it is also nice to have all of these services under the same roof, which means you only get one bill for all these services combined.