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    Whether you like it or not, everyone has to deal with it: transferring money. Whether it's paying for your groceries at the supermarket, receiving your pay check, paying the rest or mortgage of your house, your internet and/or telecom provider and many other things that you need in order to sustain yourself. But since money is so important in our society,  and a lot of money transfers are dealt with online, this might make you wonder which bank or other company is the best choice, especially when you want to send money to friends or relatives abroad. Which company can you trust to transfer your money safely? And will they be careful enough with your money? And are they really as safe as they promise? And what if something goes wrong? Can you rely on their customer service to do everything they possibly can to trust get your money back? Or will you only hear 'well... yeah... sorry, can't help you...".Or will they even be the ones that have cheated or frauded you out of it, which means that you will never see your money again. Don't just trust the pretty sale stalk that companies would want you to believe, especially not when it comes to trusting them with your hard-earned money. Investigate for yourself. And the best way to investigate is by reading customer reviews of people that have already dealt with money transfer companies. That is why we, the people behind BritainReviews, have created this website where real customers can review companies and their products and services. Read their reviews, experiences, complaints, compliments, opinions and other remarks and comments to find out if a company is trustworthy, careful, safe and reliable enough to trust them with your money in good conscience.