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    Credit reports

    can influence our lives in immensely powerful ways. Whether you can get a loan to purchase a house or start a business can be entirely dependent upon your credit score. Finding out what your credit score is can also be essential to prevent identity theft or errors that can cause you a lot of harm. Yet figuring out what your credit score is usually comes with a hefty fee. Credit Sesame allows you to see your credit score for free. But isn’t that too good to be true? Can you trust Credit Sesame? Does using Credit Sesame put you at risk of identity theft? Is Credit Sesame’s credit score accurate? Is Credit Sesame easy to use? Do you need to provide Credit Sesame with an excessive amount of personal information to use its service? Does Credit Sesame respect and protect your privacy? Being sensitive with and protective of your personal financial information is highly important. Therefore, knowing whether you can trust Credit Sesame matters before you hand over your financial information. Read reviews of Credit Sesame to find out if you can trust this company!

    About Credit Sesame

    The founder of Credit Sesame, Adrian Nazari, sees his company not only as a business venture but also as an organization that seeks to educate, bringing in a team from Stanford University and framing itself as more of an advisory agency than a credit scoring company. Nazari frequently posts on Credit Sesame’s blog with financial advice.

    ​In this video, Jon Oliver rants against credit score companies. Does Credit Sesame resolve or worsen some of the issues addressed in this video?


    Credit Sesame allows you to see your credit score and monitor your credit and loans. Using TransUnion, Credit Sesame provides you with your credit score. Credit Sesame also gives you recommendations on which loan or credit cards to choose so that you can save money and make the most financially responsible decisions. Credit Sesame updates your credit score on a monthly basis, so that you are always informed of sudden changes.

    There are many different types of credit cards available, and it can be challenging to find out which one is right for you. Credit Sesame can give you recommendations on whether you should get a rewards credit card, cash back credit card, balance transfer card, low interest credit card, 0% intro APR, airline credit card, no credit credit card, poor credit credit card, fair credit credit card, or good credit credit card.

    Credit Sesame can also provide you with advice regarding what mortgage, car insurance or auto loan to get. Advice for student loans, personal loans, CD (Certificate of Deposit) rates and savings accounts is furthermore available.

    Identity theft

    is a major concern when sensitive financial and personal information is involved. Credit Sesame provides its customers with a free $50,000 insurance against fraud.

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    If you are experiencing difficulties with Credit Sesame, you can consult the support center to find answers to frequently asked questions.

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    What is the best and most affordable way of checking your credit score? Is Credit Sesame better than Credit Karma? Read reviews to find out!

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