Filing your IRS and state taxes can be an exhaustive process. It is time-consuming and it can be very stressful to get your tax returns filed on time. E-file promises to make this process easier by offering tax-preparation software. This should allow you to file your tax returns faster, safer and more accurately. But does it deliver on these promises? You do not want to make gambles when it comes to your tax returns, so you need some assurance that tje service is reliable before you trust it to handle your taxes. Read customer experiences to find out whether you can depend on E-file to file your tax returns!

    About E-file
    Submitting taxes electronically has become more popular in recent year. Of the 137.3 tax returns that the IRS received in 2015, 87 percent were filed electronically. This means that many fellow Americans use services like E-file to file their tax returns, and you may be using one already. But how do you know what service to pick? And should you switch to E-file?

    The IRS offers plenty of information about electronically filing tax returns on its website, and is therefore a good resource. E-file also offers plenty of information about filing tax returns concerning filing extensions, fixing rejected returns, when the IRS accepts returns, important dates, medical expenses, ACA & your tax returns, inheritance taxes, military considerations, refund delays, IRS audits, your rights as a taxpayer, the most important and popular IRS Tax Forms, retirement programs, filing status, taxable income, the different ways to pay your taxes, contacting the IRS, why you should not miss deductions and popular tax credits.

    Do you want to get a bigger tax refund? This video explains how to get it.

    E-file’s software is designed to be easy, convenient and written in plain English. The online tools that E-file offers are designed to help you get the maximum refund and to mitigate the chance of miscalculations. As such, it is supposed to help you better than a professional tax preparer, while also being more affordable.

    The information that you file to the IRS is sensitive. You don’t want hackers to have access to your personal financial information. That could also be a reason why you still send your tax returns to the IRS by mail: you don’t trust the internet. E-file assures its customers that personal information is only used for the purposes of filing your tax-return. While E-file does use cookies, it also provides information about opting-out. E-file also collects non-identifiable visitor information to analyze trends.

    To file your tax returns, you will need identification information such as your Social Security number, information about your primary (e.g. wages and salary), investment (e.g. interests and dividends), secondary (business, unemployment and rental property income as well as Social Secuirty benefits) and miscellaneous income (e.g. money earned from jury duty, lottery and gambling winnings), as well as information about your personal expenses.

    Comments, concerns and experiences
    To contact e-fil’s customer support, you can submit a support ticket. You should note that E-file’s customer care does not give personalized tax advice. If you want that, you should call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

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