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    Fans of a certain series or franchise might like some merchandise to express their love for their favorite game, comic book hero, console game or movie character. And some others might just like some alternative fashion based on horror, fantasy or vintage. But where can you find such merchandise and other items? One of the companies that sell them is Spiral Direct. But what can you expect from this shop? What kind of quality will their fashion be? But what kind of quality fashion will they sell? And what kind of customer service and delivery service will they provide for their loyal and trusting customers? The best way to find that out is by reading reviews written by real customers of Spiral Direct. Read their reviews to find out what kind of shop Spiral Direct really is. Their experiences, comments, opinions and ratings can help you decide if Spiral Direct might be your new favorite brand or not.

    About Spiral Direct

    Spiral Direct is a shop that sells merchandise and alternative fashion. The brand was founded in 1990. They want to offer cutting edge designs and alternative fashion. They offer fashion based on Gothic styles, Horror, Fantasy and Vintage. Their designs often include magical creatures and dark beings like fairies, demons, dragons and angels. They have collections for men and women. For men, they offer hoodies, shoes, pajama sets, cargo trousers, t-shirts, workshirts, long sleeve shirts, cargo shorts, beanies, sweatshirts, jackets and more. For women, they offer leggings, trousers, ponchos, short sleeve tops, dresses, corsets, shirts, long sleeve tops, skirts, pajama sets, shoes, hoodies, beanies, sleeveless tops, workshirts, swimsuits, jackets, long-sleeved shirts, Their fashion features collections like Dark Wear, Legends, Tribal, Watermark, Sublime, Fan Gear, Dark Tribe, Temme, Distresses, Budget, Uni Tee and more. There is also a collection of kid’s clothing. Their accessories category consists of bags, bedding, tablet cases, toys, cell phone cases, glassware, bed linen, laptop cases, tablet cases, calendars, posters, beanies and other products. And they also offer some merchandise based on franchises like The Walking Dead and Assassin’s Creed.

    Spiral Direct's summer 2013 collection. It's been a while ago, but it gives an impression of their style.

    Services of Spiral Direct

    You can order the clothes and accessories online. Visit their website, select the product that you want and complete your payment. Their delivery service will send the item to your doorstep. There is also a customer service that can assist you if you run into any problems or complaints.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Spiral Direct

    Do you already wear clothes from Spiral Direct? Maybe one of their posters or calendars adorns your home. In either case, we would like to know what you think of Spiral Direct. What is the quality of their shirts? How long did it take Spiral Direct’s delivery service to send the item to you? How comfortable are their jackets and shirts? Are their tops and pants durable? Do their protective cases keep your device safe? And how did their customer service department respond when you asked a question or had a complaint? Write a review and tell us what you think of Spiral Direct.

    How alternative is the fashion from Spiral Direct? Write reviews about their clothes based on horror, Gothic, magical creatures, fantasy etc.

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