8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Green Energy Supplier

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Green Energy Supplier

Selecting a green energy supplier for your business or home can be quite overwhelming and equally demanding, seeing as there are just too many of them to choose from.

Every business and home wants to achieve sustainability in their energy bills, reduce hydrocarbon footprints, save more and enjoy clean energy. However, by building a partnership with the right green energy suppliers, you can also manage cost and efficiency, from the supply of energy.

Aside from comparing prices, there are more important things to observe before committing to a contract with green energy suppliers. This article provides you pointers to note and ponder on when trying to select the right energy supplier for your businesses and homes.

Tips for Selecting the Right Green Energy Suppliers

If you need to choose or switch your electricity or renewable energy suppliers, there's a need to take note of what to look for. With these tips, you would build the confidence to take an informed decision when picking an energy supplier.

1. The Background Check

Every market including the energy market has the habit of being unpredictable. There could be a change in regulations, technology advancement or changing weather patterns. These factors make the market an uneasy one. So there is a need to be certain that the green energy suppliers you're planning on choosing over the rest have been well rooted in the industry.

When researching an energy supplier, you need to check; how long they have been operating for, their reliability, and financial stability. You may also want to know if they are established in multiple regions, and if they have enough experience trading in the wholesale market. In the end, the energy supplier you are choosing should be able to offer you peace of mind.

Terms of Contract

When deciding between suppliers, you should check the differences between contracts too. You want to make sure your supplier tells you every detail of your contract. You should know if you would be making a purchase on a monthly basis or yearly basis. Will there be a benefit attached to purchasing multiple commodities? Regulatory changes and material deviation are potential things that can alter the agreement you have signed; it is why you need to insist that the green energy supplier you will be choosing provides you a representative who would sit with you to revise the contract together, perhaps using contract creator software. Otherwise, you might be left in the dark.

Structure of the Company

Some suppliers are subordinates of larger companies and may not have the time to focus on the local market. Unlike privately owned companies that tend to be more flexible and focus on the needs of their customers. When making your research on energy suppliers, you should check for suppliers that are privately held and domestically based.

Product Varieties

You need to understand that not all energy suppliers provide different renewable options. So you must be certain that the supplier you will be settling for has a wide variety of renewable energy resources, offers diverse services and has prices that would go with your organization's changing needs.

Customer Service and Support

When sourcing information, make sure the supplier has a provision made for a representative assigned to your business. The energy supplier you choose should be experienced enough to provide you tools for decision making wherever it would be helpful, educate your organization on prices in the market, identify saving opportunities and programs, especially those that have to do with energy efficiency, and recommend better ways to enhance your business. For a clearer picture, you would have to ask questions like - who would be managing my account? Will there be a fee for the customer support offered? What time and day would customer support be available? What means do I get through to them? To a great extent, friendly and entertaining customer service would do your organization better than otherwise.

Online Capabilities

Before committing to a contract, a supplier's online capabilities is another thing you would want to look into. You need to compare what different suppliers’ online services look like. There should be provisions for you to access your online account, online payment features, as well as access to bills. This would help you keep track of spending on energy. Most importantly, does the supplier you're choosing have a mobile app? The existence of an app would mean that the supplier engages with their customers and are trying to provide ways to ensure a customer service experience that is easy.


Even though this point might seem very obvious, it is one of the reasons people change suppliers. Before agreeing on a contract with a supplier, it is important to know precisely what makes up the price you will be paying. In most cases, people pay beyond what they ought to pay for the supply of energy. Although there are many deals in the market, be sure of what you are getting and for what price before committing to any supplier.

Reward Schemes

If you're one who feels rewards and bonuses are important, then you should also carry out your research on the reward schemes that each supplier provide. These bonuses can be used in a way to double up your savings or cover some of your bills to an extent. Gathering information is key in every decision-making process, as it is pretty easy to make wrong decisions when one is not well informed. You need to understand that it is okay to be overwhelmed when choosing a green energy supplier for your business. However, with the right amount of information, you build up the confidence to make the right decision for your business.

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