Top 5 Best Electric Companies in the US

Top 5 Best Electric Companies in the US

Since its discovery, electricity has become a permanent feature in every US home, powering bulbs, devices, kitchen appliances, cars, and more.

Electricity also keeps the home warm during winter and or cold, damp days. Most homes have a heater installed inside, plugged into a wall socket, and powered with electricity. The best electric company in the US must meet all the power needs of its consumers.

Electric Companies In The US


in the energy sector has created some freedom for citizens to choose their preferred electrical company. Electric companies in the US provide both homes and offices with as much electricity as they need. To find a list of these electricity providers, check reviews about EDF Energy, and other reputable providers. It helps you to choose the best electric company for your home or office.

Electric companies in the US battle to have a large chunk of customers using many different approaches. These include excellent customer service relations, fast and reliable service delivery, unbeatable rates, plans, and more.

Energy Rates In The US

Energy rates in the region are determined by not only the electric companies but including factors like location, time of year, consumption rate, and others. The average rate in all 50 states is $12.18 cents per kilowatts per hour (kWh). Oklahoma has the lowest energy rate (8.8 cents) and Hawaii(29.14 cents) the highest.

Other states with lower rates include Missouri, North Dakota, Louisiana, Washington, and Arkansas. Other higher rates states include Rhode Island, Alaska, California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
Probably only one electric company in Louisiana offers such a cheap rate and could therefore be labeled the best electric company.

Energy Service Companies

Energy service companies are important to the world because we use energy every day. We need them. Beyond only providing us with the energy we require, they also look out for research or new developments in the energy sector on the best ways to manufacture, store and use energy.

According to reviews about ECN Research, they are committed to helping electric companies worldwide in discovering new ways of providing their customers with the best sources of energy.

Top 5 Best Electric Companies

If determinants like location, time of year, consumption rates, and others affect energy rates, how does one know the best electric company to use? Or even the top 5? The criteria to determine this could include the financial strength to expand and meet more consumer needs, customer service delivery, quality of service delivery, ease of doing business, rates, and availability of many different plans.

Below is a list of the Best Electric Companies In The US

Pacific Gas and Electric Company:

They are into natural gas and electricity and the largest private owner of hydroelectric plants in the region. Their hydroelectric dams are over 120.

Duke Energy:

After merging with Progress Energy it grew into a retail customer base running into over 7 million in over five states.

NextEra Energy:

Serves over 5 million people and one of the largest electric companies in the US. They generate electricity through wind, solar, and natural gas. The largest electric utility provider in the US.

Xcel Energy:

It covers a customer base of over 3 million electricity users across eight states.


With approximately $33.5 billion, 10 million customers, and a workforce of over 33,000, it is the largest electric company in the US. Also, it owns the largest number of power plants. Residents of Dallas, New York, Texas are enjoying the services of the company.

The major thing about choosing an electric company is knowing what suits your environment, pocket, and home needs. That is one of the reasons why taking note of customer reviews and experiences with such companies is highly encouraged. Knowing the growth trends of energy companies is also advisable. This way you'll know more about the basics of energy and energy companies.

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