Top 5 Best Oil & Gas Companies in the US

Top 5 Best Oil & Gas Companies in the US

One of the biggest sources of income for countries around the world and even the US is petroleum, hence the availability of numerous gas companies.

As one of the leading economic infrastructures in the world, the oil, and gas industry deals with chemical products, mostly energy fuels. They extract, explore, refine and market these energy fuels. There are a lot of these energy companies in the world, however, some of these companies are regarded as the key players in the industry.

Overview of Oil and Gas Companies

The oil and gas industry can be regarded as the powerhouse of the world’s economic sector because it generates billions of dollars annually and also creates job opportunities for thousands of people. These energy service companies are divided into three segments such as:


This segment of the industry involves the exploration and production of chemical products and energy fuels. This is where the search for oil and the drilling are carried out.


This segment is about processing and transportation. After the energy fuels have been recovered, they will be needed to be transported for refining in refineries. Tankers can be used as a medium for transporting fuels.


This is the segment that deals with refining the energy fuels recovered. This segment also involves the marketing of these fuels after refining has been done. They are marketed for commercial use.

Oil and gas companies in the USA

Most of the oil and gas companies in the USA rank amongst the key players in the world. Some of the key players rank due to reviews. You might want to check out reviews about Click & Grow and also reviews about, to see for yourself.

Below is a list of the top 5 oil and gas companies in the USA:

  • - ExxonMobil

    By revenue ranking, ExxonMobil is one of the top 5 best oil and gas companies in the US. In 2018, this privately-owned oil and gas company in the US. The company was founded on November 30th, 1999 by two oil and gas companies – Exxon and Mobil. Both companies were merged to form ExxonMobil. The headquarters of this company is situated in Texas, United States of America.

  • - Chevron corporation

    Chevron, founded in 1897 and situated in San Ramon, California, US is one of the multinational oils and gas companies in the US. The gas company which owns four oil refineries in the US deals with various refined resources such as gasoline, diesel, aviation oil, etc.

  • - Valero

    This gas company has been one of the top five oil and gas companies in the US since its inception on January 1st, 1980. Four years after, the company founded its refinery which has kept its name as one of the best till today.

  • - Citgo corporation

    Citgo is one of those oil and gas companies that provides employment opportunities for millions of jobless people. The gas company was founded in 1910. It ranks as the fifth-highest refinery company in the US. It has the capacity to produce thousands of barrels daily.

  • - Phillips 66

    Phillips 66 is your go-to gas company when in search of the best oils manufacturing company. Situated in Houston, they are a downstream oil and gas company that has a knack for obtaining results.

In estimation, 30 million gallons of oil are consumed by developed countries annually. Oil and gas generate a significant portion of this. Thus, if you intend to invest or patronize these companies, you should get a hint from customer reviews about them.

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