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    Avid photographers will sometimes need some new camera equipment. Maybe your getting better and want a more detailed camera lens that gives you more possibilities of taking pictures exactly the way that you want them to. Or maybe your old equipment just needs to be replaced. In both cases, you might be looking for some new equipment. Of course you can visit a normal camera shop. But that will cost you. What you can also do is visit a market place that allows buyers and sellers the chance to exchange products. One of the websites that provides this possibility is But can you trust the sellers on this website? How safe and reliable is this construction? That is what customers that have already shopped or sold at MPB can tell you all about. Read their reviews and see for yourself if you dare to take she chance of buying at MPB.

    About MPB

    MPB is an online platform that gives buyers and sellers or cameras and camera parts the chance to get in touch. Their home offices can be found in New York and Brighton. MPB buys your old camera equipment and offers them to buyers that are looking for them. They sell used SLR cameras, lenses, video cameras, flashguns, compact system cameras, digital rangefinder cameras, photo & and video accessories and more. But they also sell new products like cleaning supplies, camera remotes, bags, filters, cases, tripods, straps, supports, battery grips, batteries, outdoor clothing and more. Their range of brands includes GoPro, Sony, Nikon, Blackmagicdesign, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Phaseone and more.

    MPB brings the Canon EF 1200mm to London

    Services of MPB

    As mentions before, MPB sells and buys cameras and camera equipment and sells them to others. In case of any problems of complaints you can call them, but also contact them via email or enter in a live chat with one of their employees.

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    Have you ever shopped at MPB before? In that case, we would like to know all about your experience. Did you find the camera part that you were looking for? Was the seller safe and reliable? Did you actually receive the part? And as a buyer, how long did it take for your camera or lens to be sold? How does the customer service of MPB treat the buyers and sellers at MPB? Are they making sure the website and its users are safe and secure? What will they do if you are cheated out of your money or stuff? Please let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others to form an opinion on MPB before deciding to buy there.

    Does MPB offers and asks a fair price? Read about their camera equipment, lenses, range finders, camera batterie, bags, cases and more.

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