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    Especially when it comes to electronic devices, it is important to have a long warranty. There are more than enough sites where you can compare prices. But mostly they only say which company is cheaper with the same product. But you will not be happy if your computer breaks down after only two months and you have to send it away for a month. That’s why customer service is just as important as quality. Laptops, cameras, smartphones, they are all easily broken. And your want to be sure you are helped in the right way. So don’t take the easy way by choosing the cheapest. Read experiences from other customers first. What do we consider electronic shops? Everyone who offers producs like: computers (hardware), television, dolby surround sound systems. But also household equipment like freezers, washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners, electronic tooth brushes, hair dryer and more. Everything that has a plug!

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    Many companies sell computers, laptops and tablets. And often, the products are practically the same. So where should you buy? Of course you can look at the prices and go for the cheapest. But when it comes to expensive and important products like computers and electronics, it’s wise to look at the customer service offered by a company as well. All these equipments can break down, so do they really help you? Are (small) companies with special prices like pick-a-deal really that cheap? And more important: are they reliable when it comes to customer service? We made an overview of all the companies that offer computers, electronics and other kinds of technology. Read reviews, opinions, experiences and complaints by customers that went before you, or leave your own.