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    In this age of technology, life without multimedia is hard to imagine. Every household owns a flatscreen tv and beamers aren’t all that special or expensive any more. This opened up the possibility of home cinema for many people. Put in a good dolby surround sound system, subscribe to netflix and there you go! But where can you buy all these things? Which one is the cheapest? And is the cheapest really the best, or might you better go to a company that offers a good warranty and is quick when with it comes to repairs. In other words: how is their customer service? You can decide that for yourself by reading experiences from people that went before you. They rated these companies on delivery, delivery possibilities, warranties and customer satisfaction. Did any big problems occur? Let us know and stop others from having the same problem.

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    There are many different magazines and newspapers that you can buy separately at a kiosk or shop or subscribe to. Also, many companies offer a gift coupon you can buy as a present. But what are the best magazines, the ones you can keep reading and loose yourself in for hours. What is the delivery period and is it a monthly or weekly magazine? That’s what you can read here by looking at reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints from people who already have subscribed or bought a magazine. We made an overview of all the companies and stores that offer magazines. Read reviews, or feel free to leave your own.