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    Are you planning a party? Whether it is for your child’s birthday, your charity’s fundraising event or baby shower, Shindigz offers over 34,000 products that will help you put together a great party. But are they affordable? And are they delivered on time? Is customer service helpful and attentive? How personalized is your shopping experience? Can you easily find the products that are appropriate for your event? Find out what customers think by reading their reviews of Shindigz!

    About Shindigz

    Shindigz is a family-owned business that has been delivering supplies for event planners (professional and amateur) for 90 years. Its owner, Wendy Moyle, has been involved with the company for more than a quarter century. As such, she is equipped with all the experience needed to provide you with a great shopping experience.

    Moyle is a mother three kids, so she knows how stressful it can be to organize all the events that come with being a parent. She sees it as her goal to make this easier for fellow parents, by offering all the items that you may need for your party on her website.

    Considering Shindigz is almost a century old, it has a long history that started with newspaper publisher and commercial printer Hubert Stump. Stump had founded Stump Printing Inc. in a small town near Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1926. When the depression hit three years later, Stump’s business was hit hard. How Stump was able to turn his economic misery into success is the stuff of legends. The story goes that at one point, he had only a nickel left. Left with the choice between using the nickel to buy a loaf of bread and putting it in the collection plate of his church, he chose the latter. The next day, he had an epiphany. He suddenly came up with the idea of a “Memorie” booklet for proms and reception. This became a huge success.

    Stump’s business expanded and in January 1999, Stump established Shindigz. What was unique about Shindigz is that it was and still is completely online and featured web shopping. This was not as common as it is today. It paid off, and Shindigz was immediately named “Entrepeneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young.


    For your party, you can get banners, custom cutouts, backgrounds, photo booths, large party props, balloons, decorations, fabrics, parade float supplies, favors and gifts, tableware, candy buffet, invitations, cards, cake supplies, apparel, wearables, royalty, costumes, accessories and games. It does not matter whether it is a graduation party, baby shower, birthday party, homecoming, school event, corporate event, wedding (reception) or marriage celebration, Shindigz can provide the products you need.


    is also more than happy to help you organize your theme party, whether it is a roaring 20’s, fifties, 80’s, disco 70’s, retro 60’s, game night, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Neverland, movie, TV, game, diamonds, glitter, rustic romance, to the moon & back, Midsummer Night’s Dream, garden, enchanted forest, fire & ice, state of grace, around the world, Egyptian, Asian, Moroccan Nights, Arabian, Africa, India, sweet 16, quinceanera or sport theme.

    The top ten products at Shindigz—according to Shindigz. Do you agree with this video?

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    You can fill out a contact form or call 1-800-314-8736 to get in touch with Shindigz’s customer service.

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    Shindigz offers products for your birthday party, baby shower, wedding, corporate event and more! But how good are their products? Read reviews!

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    Very nice

    Really very helpful
    Instead bothering on every occasion,keep Shindigz number saved in phone.
    Mostly I have taken birthday party and Christmas party accessories from here.
    Anything either high class lighting, thems ,decorative or anything in any ones aspectation

    By: Harold13-07-2019
    Would buy here again

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