8 Best Emergency Pet Insurance for Your Puppy in the US

8 Best Emergency Pet Insurance for Your Puppy in the US

There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances and accidents that can happen to pets, most especially puppies either on regular walks or when they roam free around the house.

To ensure that your puppy remains cared for and healthy, while also ensuring that you are free from the exorbitant fees that come with constant visitation to the vet, there is a need to get pet insurance.

If you think choosing which insurance plan or company is best for your pets would be a daunting task, why not go through pets best insurance reviews to see an overview of various pet insurance policies from various companies.

8 Emergency Insurance Providers for Pets

Finding the right insurance to cater for your pet emergencies and having suitable pet insurance cover can be challenging as there are a lot of pet insurance providers on the market. To help tailor your search, here are emergency pet insurance providers you can consider:

1. PetFirst

This is a pet insurance that covers emergency visits, offering flexibility and low cost of service. Their services include hospitalization, emergency care, diagnostic tests and a whole lot of other treatments. The insurance provider coverage has no waiting period; meaning you do not have to wait a while before making use of the services paid for. They also offer discounts as well to eligible professionals and multi-pet families. You can visit the company’s website to view the available plans that can suit your pets’ emergency needs.

2. Embrace

In case of pet injuries, Embrace has insurance plans that can discount your pet’s emergency bills at any Veterinary clinic. Unlike PetFirst, accident benefits and coverage starts after two days while illness benefits coverage has a waiting period of 14 days, but considerably a shorter period compared to other insurance providers. Embrace has a pet insurance cover for puppies as well as other pets, offering a wide range of treatments and services such as hospitalization, surgery, behavioral therapy as well as rehabilitation.

3. Figo

Figo is rated as a friendlier insurer for pet owners who would like to seek other treatment choices for their pets. Figo’s accident and injury pet insurance policy is available in three different plans from which pet parents can choose from. Figo’s services aren't network-limited as you can get treatments for your puppy from any licensed animal clinic of your choice. The waiting period after which benefits can be granted is 3 days and 14 days for injury and illness visit respectively.


USAA is a military provider for insurances, in which emergency pet insurance is no exception. There is the opportunity for pet parents to enjoy about 15-25% discount on their opted plans. USAA is said to cover not only emergency insurance for dogs but also takes care of pre-existing conditions that the pet might have. Best suited for military personnel and their families, USAA policy has a robust coverage that takes care of procedural treatments and the health conditions of pets.

5. Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet insurance, sold through Best Pets has a variety of cheap insurance policies with quite some discounts. They offer emergency care for dogs and pets in general, offering plans that cover for accidents, illness as well as routine care. A personalized quote, which can be obtained on the website is needed to subscribe to various plans and enjoy the benefits attached, which includes bypassing emergency vet costs.

6. Spot Pet Insurance

This is a provider of emergency pet insurance that offers an affordable and comprehensive accident-only plan to deal with puppy emergencies. They have customizable plans with unlimited annual coverage for dogs or puppies. The accident-only plan offered by the provider covers hospitalization, surgery as well as treatments for various illnesses and severe conditions such as diabetes as well as heart disease.

7. Prudent Pets

Prudent Pet is a pet insurance provider that offers extra coverage for both emergencies, accidents as well as illness. In fact, in a case whereby a puppy is lost or there is a need to cancel a trip because of your dog’s illness or accident, or even if there be the death of your dog, Prudent pets compensate pet parents on these occasions.

Plans offered by Prudent Pet is a pet insurance emergency cover for accidents as well as illness but not existing conditions of your puppy. Their plans also allow for annual checkups.

8. Lemonade

Lemonade is regarded as one of the most affordable pet insurance providers for puppies. They allow for pricing customization, offering a high coverage limit. Lemonade also has a mobile app where you can keep track of your pet’s health, file claims and also manage your billings. Plans cover for accidents, illness as well as preventive care but not pre-existing conditions of the pet.

Final Notes

Pet insurance was established to cater for both intensive and extensive care of pets. Unlike health insurance where your hospital bills are totally taken care of, pet insurance only helps pet parents discount the amount paid on pet treatments.

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