Is health insurance worth it or just a waste of money?

Is health insurance worth it or just a waste of money?

There are some advantages and disadvantages of Health insurance, but if we focus on the positive side, benefits are more. There is a prevalent perspective among the people that health insurance is just a waste of money as they don't get anything in return. Not only that, they have to pay the insurance companies every month for absolutely nothing. But it is, of course, absolutely wrong. Let's check out why!

How to find the best health insurance?

The greatest way to find the best health insurance is to look out for online reviews and see what people say about your preferred insurance company. If you find negative reviews on the internet, it is better to avoid that company and check out some others to get the best one. You will eventually be able to find the best fit for your needs in no time.

Why and how to get health insurance?

You can easily find many different health insurance quotes and services on the internet. But you will have to carefully pick the best one because many companies might not work well for you. So check online reviews and feedback of the people and then decide the one you should go for. Have a look at insurance guide if you're looking for more information about other insurances.

Here are some of the benefits of health insurance, which will help you out in the future. So check them out and know why you need them.

1. Full coverage of health issues

The first and the utmost benefit of getting the best health insurance is that it offers you full health coverage. It does not matter how costly the treatment is; you are always provided with the best possible treatment so that you can recover. The best benefit of full coverage of health insurance is that it helps you out in difficult times. The best example of those "Uncertain times" is the COVID-19 that almost stopped the whole world. Many people got into debt because of the high ventilator fee and other charges. But health insurance can save you from worrying about that.

2. Free checkups

Now you don't have to pay a massive fee for doctors for just a daily checkup. Your health insurance will get it all covered. But don't forget that there are specific clinics and hospitals where you can get your health checked. To find out about different health insurance companies, you can visit US-Reviews as it offers a wide range of health insurance available across the US. Just don't forget to check out online reviews of your preferred company so that you can easily avoid some significant consequences later.

3. No worries about surgeries

Another great benefit of health insurance is that you don't have to pay for the surgeries. So if you are willing to get weight-loss surgery, there will be no hassle of paying from your pocket, if you have opted for health insurance, that is. But you will again have to opt for the best health insurance companies like Global Health that offers their customers premium services and a hassle-free experience. So check this one out thoroughly and see if it matches your needs; if everything is well, it will be good to go!

4. Free lab tests

Whenever you are diagnosed with a disease, or whenever the doctor is trying to find out what is wrong with you, you will be asked to do lab tests. Whether it is a blood test, urine test, x-ray, or any other thing, your health insurance will pay for it. You will not ever have to pay for anything or spend money from your daily budget, and it will also ease up your monthly account even more. That is why you should explore different health insurance companies and know how to get health insurance for the best possible future. You can check out all the available health insurances there and compare their packages and check which one is the most feasible. Besides that, it is always a good idea to check the reviews of companies so that you can know what actual people think.

5. Hospital Allowance

If you are really worried about how you can afford the daily expenses, then only don't! Most of the health insurance companies pay their customers' daily hospital allowance that they can use to pay for their hospital charges, medicines, or any other thing. But the thing is, the hospital allowance is usually not very high, and you always get a specific amount. Do not forget to check or discuss this aspect with your health insurance company and get different health insurance quotes to avoid misunderstandings.

6. Medicine/Drug expenses

If your doctor has strictly prescribed you some drugs and you are tired of paying for them every other day, then let your health insurance pay for it. Almost every additional health insurance takes care of its customers' medicines and drug expenses. So it does not matter how expensive your prescribed drugs are; you will always get them without worrying about your wallet.

7. Accidents coverage

One of the worst things that can literally happen to anyone is a deadly accident. The accidents include all types of vehicle crashes, fall injuries, attacks, or some other types that can cause severe problems for you. You would not want your family to worry about the expenses while you are lying down in a hospital, would you? Not really! That is where the accident coverage comes in to support you and your family. It will cover up all of the expenses whether you get into a vehicle accident, bar fight, or even when you break a bone or two after falling from a ladder. But it is better to avoid road accidents because you don't know how bad they can be. Road accidents can cost you your whole car, as well as your precious life. So do not drive recklessly and follow all the traffic rules to save yourself from disastrous accidents.

8. Dental coverage

Believe it or not, but if you have got yourself in a dental problem, then be ready to ease up your pocket every now then. Dental treatments cost more than most health treatments, and that is why most people try not to visit their dentists to save up their money. But as health is more important, you should not compromise on it and let your health insurance cover it.

How much does health insurance cost?

This is the question that comes to mind of most people when we talk about insurance. So yes, how much is health insurance? You can expect to pay or deposit anywhere between $500 to $1000 a month if you opt for an individual plan. Family health insurance plans cost relatively higher than individual plans, but they do offer many premium options to the users. Just don't go for very cheap health insurance, but if you have made your mind to do so, check online reviews about that insurance to make sure it is worth the hassle.

Why should you not go for cheap health insurance?

It is simply not worth the hassle. If you are spending your money on health insurance, why not go for a good one so that you can get full use of it later in the future, right? Cheap insurance will only save a few bucks, but it will make your life even more problematic when you need their services the most. That is why it is better to avoid cheap health insurances.

How long do you have health insurance after leaving a job?

You are provided with a quota of about 18 months (in most places), and you can keep your health insurance for that period. But you will indeed have to face the consequences after that period. So if you get in an unfortunate situation where you lose your job, it is better to find a new one as quickly as possible to keep your health insurance without any trouble.


These are the actual reasons why you should get health insurance and make your future better. This investment can work better in many ways, and you will eventually know it when the time comes. But let's hope you never get into any difficult situation.

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