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    Lots of people go on a weekend vacation or city trip at least once a year. Lots of these people are looking for discounts and special offers to keep the weekend as cheap as possible. This is only logical, since going away for the weekend is often a spontaneous plan that isn’t calculated in the holiday budget. Families with children often look for a holiday cottage or bungalow. Singles and couples are the ones who choose a quick last-minute to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Rome. Other popular destinations are Barcelona and Madrid. In the last couple of years, Christmas fairs in Hamburg and München are also becoming more and more popular. But what if you make a reservation? Which travel comapny should you book at? Should you buy air tickets directly from the airline company or is it better to go to a travel agency and plan the whole weekend in one go? We made an overview of all travel companies that offer city trips. Read experiences, opinions and reviews, or leave your own.

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