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    Finally, the vacation has arrived and now you want nothing more than luxary, doing nothing and lying on a beach, with a cocktail, surrounded by palm trees? How do you go about that? Exactly! You book an all-inclusive vacation at a 4 or 5 star hotel! Popular but relatively cheap destinations are Turkey, Greece and Spain. But of course you can also visit party island Ibiza. But which travel agency is the best? Or which one is top notch when it comes to the service and quality they offer? Do they make good on their promises? That is why we made an overview of all travel companies that offer all-inclusive holidays. Holiday makers that went before you share their reviews with their experiences, opinions and complaints. They tell positive and/or negative stories about the state of their hotel room, the food and facilities. You can base your choice on them and/or leave your own review.

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    Are you done with weeks and weeks of bad weather? No wonder you are thinking about going to the sun. Spain, France and Italy are great options to go to. But you can also choose to go to Bali, the Fiji Islands or the Caribbean. But are you an active holiday maker that wants to enjoy the culture, doesn’t need or even want a guide, and is perfectly content to sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere? Or do you prefer a travel agency that comes up with a fully planned holiday, so you have nothing to worry about? 4 or 5 star hotel, all inclusive at the swimming pool or tanning at the beach with a towel in the sun. What are nice holiday destinations and who offers them? What customer service did they offer when things went wrong? We have made an overview of all travel agencies that offer a holiday in the sun. Travellers who went before you share their reviews and write about their opinions, experiences and complaints.