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    Youth vacations

    Are you planning on booking your first solo vacation without your parents? Are you looking for a festive island where you and your friends can party until deep into the night? That, of course, is exciting but, most of all, fun! Still, every now and then you hear bad stories about travel agencies that offer youth holidays. There are too many tour operators to count, so which one is the best one to make a reservation. Do you go for the cheapest or are you willing to pay a bit more so you can be assured that you made a good choice. But have you, really? Hoe does the customer service help you when your room doesn’t match the pictures on the website? Is there a place you can go to, or is there no other choice than to cut your losses and take the next flight home? Make sure you are well informed by reading reviews from people who went on a youth holiday before you. Read their experiences, opinions and complaints and/or leave your own.