6 Top Fashion Trends for Women in 2021

6 Top Fashion Trends for Women in 2021
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Every year, we see different fashion trends emerge, ranging from new trends to old trends that people grow to enjoy again. However, after a long year of sitting at home during the lockdown because of the CoronaVirus, we all want to go out, dressed up like we didn’t get the chance to in 2020. Women are the ones that want to get out and dress up the most.

Ranging from tops, to dresses, to jeans, and all other female clothing, we have seen women get the chance to try different styles every day. Many women even try out men’s clothing and rock them effortlessly. Almost halfway through the year 2021, there are already established trends in the women’s fashion world. In this article, we would be giving you a number of these top fashion trends and how you can follow them effortlessly.

Top Fashion Trends in 2021

·Sweater Vests: These vests were a thing during the summer of 2020 despite everyone being at home. In 2021, these vests are still prominent fashion wear and are most likely going to be bigger than they were in 2020. They are old fashioned clothes that were originally designed for men. As time went on, these vests became acceptable fashion pieces and design to be unisex clothing. These vests are so versatile and can be worn over a dress, shirt, or top on jeans. Now that social media trends have made them more popular, fashion companies produce more attractive and better designs for women, colours even.

· Mom Shorts: Mom shorts are denim shorts that don’t exactly fit the name. These shorts can be worn by any female of any age and are a trend rooting from the 80s and 90s. Mom shorts are comfortable and look chic enough for you to wear daily. They are mostly cut-off shorts and look amazing with tops of any kind.

· Mom Jeans: There is no denying the fact that women love comfort and stylishness in one look. Mom jeans provide this efficiently. These denim trousers are baggy and high waist with pyramid cuts. Similar to the rest of the trends, they are also from the 90s. They are mostly paired with different tops; plain or stylish, bralettes, jackets and vests.

· Huge Sleeves and Shoulders: Over the years, stylists and fashion designers have come up with different tops and dresses. Huge sleeves and shoulders are one of them. There were times in the fashion world that these sleeves weren’t widely accepted. Now, lots of dresses and tops have elaborate sleeves and shoulders. These sleeves are channels from the 80s, and they make tops look fancy with jeans, and dresses look simple and elegant.

· Mom Shirts: Moms aren’t left out of these trends. On social media, most especially Instagram, many mom shirts are seen on every timeline. Moms are proudly declaring their excellent motherhood status. Mom shirts make this declaration easier without the moms having to speak. Various mom shirts have different inscriptions on them, some more impressive than the others.

· Bralettes: Bras have been a form of discomfort for women, and bralettes are a stylish alternative. Bralettes are designed for comfort, and women worldwide have picked them up as a trend stylish enough to be worn with jackets, shorts, jeans, or even with vests.

Following these trends as time goes on can be very exhausting. To follow fashion trends, you would have to know what the trends are, then find somewhere you can buy these clothes at a price that fit your budget. Different stores provide these clothes, but Bellelily is one of the stores that helps you keep up with the trends and still give you these trendy fashionable wears at an affordable price. With Bellelily, you can follow up on these trends and still get them at reasonable prices.

You have different options to keep you up to date with the trends, however, customer reviews might be the best option to keep you updated. Reviews by fellow women that are stylish and follow every top fashion trend are available to help you decide the options available and fit your budget. Of course, you can follow these trends yourself with social media and celebrities, and get these fashion wears at the stores that these celebrities patronize, or you can save yourself the stress and find stores that offer great value for money with the help of reviews.

Fashion trends are constantly in a cycle of change and are sometimes recycled. We understand that as a woman, following the top fashion trends is very important for you to be stylish and not be left out. You can make this task easier for yourself amidst your busy life with stores like Bellelily that do everything for you.

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