An Age-by-Age Guide to Buying Kids Toys

An Age-by-Age Guide to Buying Kids Toys
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Do infants and toddlers behave the same way? If not, then how can their interests be similar? With age, we all develop and explore different hobbies according to our likings.

Kids also tend to play with different toys as per their developmental stage. So, if your kid looks uncontended with the toys you recently bought, a possibility is that you might be barking up the wrong tree.

But worry not, you won't be repeating the same mistake after reading this guide. Based on general observation, we have compiled a list of popular kids toys according to behavioral changes as they age. Go through the list, find out what ideal baby gifts are and you are all set to see your kids full of the joys of spring whenever a present is bought for them.

Go Online Shopping for Kids Toys

In today’s world, there are luckily thousands of online stores offering goods for children at doorstep. By visiting them, you won’t be needing to search the whole city for your kid’s favorite car or doll as everything is just a few taps away.

However, before placing an order, make sure you are spending money on a reliable product. There are websites actively reviewing online shops and sharing customers’ feedbacks on multiple Children and Baby Stores. Read them to decide which companies are best at keeping their promises and satisfying customers. This is where you will find the right items.

Best Toys for Babies of Age 0 to 12 months

During the first 3 months, the vision of your kid is not completely clear. The surrounding and bright-color objects are all that they are likely to observe. Also, infants show interest in mouth toys and the textured ones can also help to relieve teething pain. Other than that, kids toys that make crinkling noise, are cuddly and nubby would be your child’s favorite. Make sure to clean the baby toys after each play session and clean your baby with personal care products to maintain proper hygiene.

Recommended Baby Toys

- Crib mobiles

- Mirror toys

- Stuffed animals, dolls or fabric balls

- Light-Up toys

For Kids of Age: 1-2 Years

Now your toddler has developed understanding and would love to play with something that responds to their actions. This can be a toy that plays music or pops up characters on pressing buttons. Or toys that readout alphabets, numbers or shapes on pressing buttons. Though they cannot learn counting or spelling at this age, they are interested in exploring something responsive.

Recommended Toddler Toys

- Simple puzzles

- Easy music instruments

- Stacking rings

- Hammering sets

For Kids of Age: 2-4 Years

At this age, the interest of the children has commonly declined toward imitating the people around them. For example, a baby girl may want to cook food like mama or the boys may find the ride-on toys attractive. All in all, this age period adds more activity and purposefulness to your child’s games.

Recommended Tddler and Pre-school Toys

- Props and toys for make-believe play

- Transportation toys

- Puzzles

- Construction toys

For Kids of Age: 4-6 Years

Now, the time has ripe to strengthen the learning skills of your child. Buy them educational interactive toys teaching verbal skills or basic math. Also, by this age, the kids have decided their first ideal. This can be a police officer, doctor or teacher. Buy them kids toys that match best with their favorite profession.

Recommended Toys

- Complex puzzles

- Different shapes blocks

- Bicycles

- Construction sets

For Kids of Age: 6-8 Years

At this age, your child’s interest is developed under influence of teachers, peers and a new environment at school. They may either ask you to help them with some science experiments or will love to make accessories for their dolls. Friendships are more important and everything which others own will be on your child’s wish list. Computer games, sports, card games or musical instruments, anything or everything can be attractive for them.

Recommended Gradeschoolers and Kids Toys

- Video games

- Sports equipment

- Remote-control cars

- Outdoor toys for kids

For Kids of Age: 8+ Years

After crossing 8 years of age, the kids start to adopt habits, hobbies and abilities similar to adults. They may show passion by having toy, coin or stamp collection hobbies. Outdoor toys for kids like Outdoor games, riding bicycles or skates are more entertaining to them. Generally, girls like crafting or writing whereas boys cannot resist playing video games or playing with a toy gun. They may also like challenging and extended projects requiring greater mental capabilities.

Recommended Toys for Kids

- Complex construction sets

- Board games

- Craft kits

- Computer games

Considering the change in the interest of kids with age, affording and managing everything they want gets difficult. To deal with it, there are different stores offering arts & crafts supplies or toys at affordable prices. You can buy from them but never forget to verify how credible the services of Discount School Supply, or maybe Steiff North America, Inc. and other kids shops are. Have a look at their company pages and see what people think of retailers that sell products for babies and children.

The Bottom Line

These toy ideas can also be utilized for giving away baby shower gifts or birthday presents. The key is - keep the age of kids in mind, understand their mental level and decide accordingly.

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