A Boat Rental - The New Best Way To Spend Your Summer 

A Boat Rental - The New Best Way To Spend Your Summer 

Given the strange and absurd times that we’re currently enduring, we should perhaps take a leaf out of Sisyphus's book and embrace it. It may be easier said than done, but one way we could take some of our power back is by having a once-in-a-lifetime vacation - and do it on our terms. 

Of course, this is never going to happen if you plan to fly abroad. Whether it’s testing to cross borders or the anxiety of changing policies, there must be a better alternative.

One alternative, we believe, could be a boat rental. For those looking for something out of the ordinary this summer, yet want to remain safe from changing COVID-19 policies, boat rental could be the ideal choice.

Not only do you not need to cross borders with boat rentals, but it can give a sense of freedom that other vacations fail to offer. Companies such as Click&Boat make it exceedingly easy to rent a boat - simply by offering an Airbnb-style marketplace with thousands of boat owners offering their boats around the world. Sailboats, motorboats, luxury yachts… There’s something for all budgets.

Is sailing experience required?

Many do not consider a boating holiday because they have no experience - it doesn’t even seem like an option. However, this is neither here nor there. Whilst some do not require experience, others offer a captain to sail you around.

Having a captain can be great, though not always a necessity. Boat rental is more about feeling free and “lost” in the waters and having a direct route to any coastal place. For example, Florida Keys is an incredible place to visit, but it’s very awkward to get there without a boat. When sailing, you may stumble across other hidden islands and travel at your own pace.

Are boat rentals expensive?

Boat rentals can be from under $100 a day to $1,000+. Of course, the price depends on location, with Europe often being cheaper than North America, and will depend on which type of boat you rent.

Some boats hardly cost much more than hotels, yet provide a lot more value. They can be a vehicle of travel, a source of entertainment, and a place to sleep.

Whilst there are boats for all budgets, you can further decrease the price of a boat by sharing it with another family - or friends. For example, a Princess Yacht often has 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms, meaning the boat can be shared with around 13 people - reducing the cost per person. So, a $500 per day luxury yacht may cost under $50 per person. Bare in mind quotes sometimes do not include fuel costs.

A memorable vacation

The reason boat rental vacations are so memorable is that they’re so private. They’re a space where you can be with your friends and family and have a tonne of fun - loud music, snorkeling, docking at a gorgeous coastal town. It’s a freeing vacation - something that many are in need of given the year-long lockdown and feeling trapped in our homes.

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