Which audiobook subscription suits your needs?

Which audiobook subscription suits your needs?

Some people love to read books. They want to read more of those, but usually don't find enough time to do so. Almost the entire day passes in going from one obligation to the other. In this busy lifestyle, sometimes it is necessary to multitask. Since reading a book requires full concentration, many companies, such as Audiobooksnow, have come up with the concept of audiobooks. There are reviews of online services that might help you choose the best platform for yourself.

Anyhow, audiobooks are a great option, since you can listen to them anytime you would want. Especially if you often go on long car drives, it is the best suitable option for you. You can avoid getting bored, plus you can listen to an interesting book that you had been wanting to read for a long time. Read further to get to know more about thebest audiobook apps.

Audiobook Subscription Services

Although audiobooks are great and very time-saving, they cost a lot more to be produced and published in comparison to the hardcover or ebook versions. The primary reason is that they require a lot of upfront acquisition, including hiring voice artists, renting the recording studio, describing the book, and working with audio engineers. In order to make some profit, the publishers have to charge more for the audiobook player.

Audiobook subscription charges - it is the problem!

This becomes a problem for the audience, most of whom can not afford to spend thousands of dollars on audiobooks during their lifetime. This is where the audiobook subscription service comes to the rescue. Thankfully, many audiobook subscription services offer reasonable ways to devour books and provide for your curiosity.

Audiobook subscriptions that suit your needs

The best and the cheapest way to listen to audiobooks is to find an audiobook subscription that fits your needs, you can find streaming subscription reviews on the internet, as well, to help you pick the best option. For further help and guidance, we have prepared a list of some of the best audiobook subscription services that you might enjoy. Scroll down to read that.


It was created as a document-sharing service but over the years it has grown up into one of the largest places for audiobooks. It is the best option for people who are looking for an easily affordable unlimited audiobook subscription. Once subscribed, you can also get access to the music, magazines, and other documents available on this platform. Have a look at a few customer reviews about Scribd and see what others think about this platform.


This is an online platform for audiobooks that is liked and preferred by many people. You can find reviews of Downpour on the internet to get to know more about this app. It has an extremely affordable audiobook subscription that its users can enjoy.


This is an audiobook subscription with a massive exhibition of books in every genre. Audiobooks are the best platform for anyone who is in search of an audiobook service that is much cheaper yet has a huge library.


Book beat is often regarded as the Netflix for audiobook lovers. It is a great audiobook application for people who want to find and listen to books from different genres but at a much affordable price. Once you get the subscription on this platform, you can listen to as many audiobooks as you would like. You can also download audiobooks, which means you can listen to those even when you are offline.


This is yet another platform for people who want subscriptions for audiobooks at affordable rates. This is an interesting audiobook subscription for someone who prefers summaries over large books, and who is looking for efficiency instead of a full experience. This app is designed in a way that very busy people who don't find the time to read or listen to full-length books can subscribe to it and get the summaries instead. Want to know more? Have a look at the Blinkist company profile.

Apart from these many other audiobook services are also available that offer subscriptions to their customers. Yet these are the most affordable and suitable platforms for people who wouldn't want to consider physical books as these books are time-saving.

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