10 Puppy Must Haves You Should Buy for Your New Dog

10 Puppy Must Haves You Should Buy for Your New Dog
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The journey doesn't end after getting your dog or puppy. There are certain puppy must-haves you should take note of.

Some of these puppy must-haves are already basic items your new puppy will need. But, most times, we often forget these puppy must-haves usually due to excitement: When buying these items, purchasing them in bulk can have an added advantage.

By buying in bulk, you will get value for the price of pet supplies. Aside from some of these, there are so many other things you need to buy and have for your new dog. Some of them are:


A Dog Veterinarian:

This should be a top priority on your puppy must haves. This goes for everyone that owns a dog. Make sure to add this in your checklist. Hiring a veterinary doctor who will regularly check on the health of your dog from time to time is essential. Do not make the mistake of not ticking this checklist as it will hurt your pet severely.


Dog Toys:

There are kids toys and there are dog toys so if you have had kids and thought you had passed the stage of procuring new toys for your home, then will need to have a rethink. This is because as a new dog parent, you will need as many dog toys as possible for your puppies to play with.


Dog Insurance:

On your puppy starter kit list, it is essential to have puppy insurance as one of the priorities. This is very important. Most people do not know of dog insurance or how it works, but this should not apply to a dog owner. Dog or puppy insurance is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your dog. To get this, check out various insurance plans and coverages for dogs and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Dog Crate/Kennel/Room:

Every dog needs time to themselves every once in a while, especially when their owners will not be around. Get a crate, kennel, or provide a little room and train your dog to always make use of these items.


Dog Leash:

Every dog owner needs their leash. Leashes are so important when you have a dog. Because dogs like going on walks, you will need to have a leash in these moments so that you can easily coordinate their movement and also not lose your puppy.


Puppy Blanket:

Are you wondering what to buy for a new puppy? A puppy blanket is one of the coziest things you can get for your puppy. This will be very important for it especially when your dog needs to feel warm. Always consider a puppy blanket as one of the things to get for your puppy when you are buying your puppy supplies.


Dog Foods:

Your dog will need its food to be strong, healthy and agile. You should identify a great store where you can buy your dog feed. An important hack to save money while buying your dog food is to buy in bulkwhen dog foods are on sale. No dog can stay healthy without eating. So, ensure you are constantly stocking on your dog foods.


Puppy Bowls:

This is another must-have you need to get for your puppy. This is the bowl where your dog eats from. Every dog needs their eating bowl, and as a dog owner, ensure to include a puppy bowl in the list of things you will need.


Create a Puppy Supply List:

You might have asked “what do I need for a puppy?” Well, this is the purpose your supply list is created for. Your puppy supply list will include every other item you will need in order to take proper care of your puppy. Having a puppy can be a new experience on its own. Your supply list should be a rundown of all the necessary items that will be of benefit to your dog. This list can include several things from food, to little dog wears, toys, or any other supply that will be important to and necessary for taking care of your dog.


Dog Brush/Comb:

This is particularly for people with hairy dogs. At all times, your dog needs to look kempt. As such, you should make sure to have a separate hair comb or brush available for your dog’s use only. Without constantly combing your dog’s fur, it might get knotted in a short time which will not be good for the dog. You want your puppy to look neat at all times, and this will do the magic.

Final Notes

Owning a dog and caring for it requires a lot of effort and attention. There are several things you need to invest in, and the 10 listed above are absolute must haves and should be included in every first-time dog owner checklist.

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