Do you save money by getting all your groceries online?

Do you save money by getting all your groceries online?
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The year 2020 has been rocked with many challenges, especially since the emergence of the novel Coronavirus, which mandated citizens and residents of the United States and other countries worldwide to remain at home for many months. The only means to meet up with all coronavirus safety measures outlined by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) was to patronize online grocery delivery services and local restaurants that offer home delivery services.

One of the challenges faced during this period was getting fresh food. Only a few online grocery stores were able to meet up with the demand for delivering fresh food to their customers. One such was Instacart, which launched various features to ensure that fresh groceries are delivered to intending customers. Instacart integrated features that ensure no contact with the customers, thereby promoting physical distancing and reducing the Coronavirus disease spread.

Is Online Shopping for Groceries Cheaper?

Another question to ask when you want to order food online is whether or not online food markets are cheaper than physical ones. Well, there are some factors to be put into consideration to answer this question. Below are some of those factors.

  • Time-saving

If the time you would spend shopping for groceries or food online can be invested in making more money for you, you should use online food and grocery stores instead. Doing this will guarantee that you do not spend precious time perusing around the aisle or waiting in line to make payments. The time could be invested in doing something more productive.

  • Impulse shopping habits

Those who find it challenging to keep to their grocery budgets whenever they visit the grocery stores due to impulse shopping, shopping online is the perfect solution for you since you do not have to walk about the store, checking out everything they have on display.

  • Delivery Costs

Some delivery services incur extra costs, which you might need to pay attention to closely. Some of these costs might be less than the amount you require to fuel your car if you had to drive down to the store yourself. Many stores provide free curbside pickup services while some charge extra for delivering your groceries to you. It is, therefore, crucial that you review whether the additional cost is worth it.

Best Online Grocery Stores

If you are looking for the best online supermarket or grocery store, be mindful of each store's delivery fee and minimum order requirements. You could also find out if they have a membership plan that could help you save some more money when making your orders. Below are the top 10 grocery delivery services you should try out in 2020:

  • Instacart

Instacart offers grocery services with as low as $10 minimum order with free delivery for $10/month or $99/year on orders above $35. You can place orders using their app (available on Android and iOS). You would have personal shoppers pick your items from the store and have them delivered to your doorstep the same day or even within an hour, depending on how close your location is.

  • Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh overs free delivery for orders above $35 in most places and a $10 delivery fee for orders below $35. You need to have an Amazon Prime Membership to take advantage of Amazon Fresh. They provide access to varieties of fresh and packaged foods. They have also partnered with local retailers and supermarkets in each city where they are present.

  • Farmbox Direct

For Vegans, Farmbox Direct is one of the best options available to you. Farmbox Direct delivers a full box of fresh farm products from local farmers in your area. You can check all Farmbox Direct reviews to help you make a decision.

  • Walmart

The minimum order at Walmart is $30, and the delivery fee up to $10. They offer unlimited free delivery when you subscribe to their new membership option, Delivery Unlimited, worth $98/year. You can purchase various items from pre-packaged foods to frozen meals and even bananas.

  • Shipt

The minimum order at Shipt is also $35, but they offer a less delivery fee ($7) on orders below $35. With Shipt, you can have your orders delivered within the hour, and you get to place your order anytime the store is open. Shipt is available in more than 200 cities, and they have partnered with retailers to ensure that the delivery time is optimized.

  • FreshDirect

FreshDirect's primary delivery addresses are New York City, Washington, D.C, and Philadelphia. Despite this, people love high-quality meat selections and produce. The minimum order is $30, with a delivery fee starting from as low as $6. They also offer an optional free delivery pack worth $79/six months or $129/year. With FreshDirect, orders are placed a day before delivery, but clients in New York can make use of Foodkick for same-day delivery.

  • Hungryroot

Hungryroot offers a minimum order of $59 with a shipping fee of $70 for non-subscribers. What makes Hungryroot unique is that they only supply health-friendly plant-based foods. They deliver to all states except Hawaii and Alaska.

  • Gourmesso

Gourmesso offers coffee lovers an online coffee shopping experience. Check out Gourmesso US-Reviews to see what others think.

  • Peapod

For customers who usually patronize Stop and Shop, you would love Peapod as the same company owns them. Their delivery service is mostly available around the Mid-Atlantic seaboard and in the Northeast. Their minimum order is $60, with a delivery fee starting from $7 on the grocery bulk.

  • Boxed

You need a minimum order of $49 to enjoy a free delivery service from Boxed. Orders below $49 attract a delivery fee of $7, and for members, they offer an optional free shipping package of $49/year. With Boxed, you get bulk groceries delivered to your doorstep. Customers looking to buy groceries like fruits, veggies, milk, or eggs can take advantage of Boxed Express, although it has a different delivery fee and minimum orders.

  • Thrive Market

Thrive Market is another delivery service focused on supplying health-friendly foods. They have a minimum order of $49 and a delivery fee included with a membership fee of $59/year or $9.95/month. You can place your order on Thrive Market using their mobile app or on your computer.

  • Safeway

The delivery fee at Safeway starts at $10, but with orders exceeding $150, the delivery fee may be lowered. They have a minimum order of $30 and have no membership plans. They offer delivery between 8 am and 10 pm daily, including weekends.

Read Reviews Before Patronizing Any Online Grocery Store

Since you aim to get wholesome, fresh foods to nourish yourself and your family, you cannot go for any store. Your ideal online store must be one that has a longstanding record of supplying quality and fresh food to customers. And how do you know this? It's simple. Read reviews! US-Reviews is one dependable website to find customers' appraisals of many companies. From this feedback, you can determine which is the best.

Again, if you have questions about refund policy or whether your preferred store allows a return of food items that are not fresh as claimed, this review platform is where to go. You will find information about this on US-Reviews, and you can also write your experience there for others to learn.

The Take-Away

By now, you should be able to answer for yourself whether or not online grocery stores help you save money. If you need your food in its freshest state or have a particular brand you would rather shop with (that do not offer online grocery services), it would be better to drive down to the stores and pick your groceries yourself.

But if you do not mind taking a risk regarding the quality of grocery you are supplied with, don't mind spending a small fee for delivery, or have more important things to do, then you should try out online grocery stores. Check out other food deliveries companies' reviews.

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